BIG SHAMAN is a BIG HEARTHSTONE DECK of ALL TIME... Yes, You Read That Correctly... -

BIG SHAMAN is a BIG HEARTHSTONE DECK of ALL TIME… Yes, You Read That Correctly…

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Big Shaman can do two things right. And that is GO BIG and GO HOME.

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16:40 The Only Outs
30:18 Oh Come On Hearthstone…


Big Minion Big Shaman:

Big ELEMENTAL Big Shaman:


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  1. I'm sorry to see this torture, very unlucky streak. Funny is that I went 7-1 , ending up in d5 thanks to this :DP.S. actually that Golganneth into Lightning storm, into Roaring ocean's full board clear was epic at 25:35

  2. I hit legend with that Big Shaman list last month, but I wouldn't recommend it. Actually, I was watching your stream when it happened. I've been playing a long time, but this is the first time I hit legend with a non-top tier deck. It feels tier 3 most of the time. It hasn't performed as well this month, but I've been busy playing Twist anyway.

  3. Lost to top-10 class Priest: "Ah oh Priests are so annoying"
    Lost to top-3 classes DK and Warrior: "Okay, why I'm so unlucky"

    Such a doublethink.

  4. I’ve been playing it for a week or so, just for my month D5 climb. It’ll get there. Reno is such a good counter to it.

  5. from thousands of games i think i understood the quuing system there are cards that trigger the algorhytim to be more likley or less likley to q in to speciffic matchups when avaible if your deck uses just one card that silences minions your more likely to q into matches where this card can find use if you use any meta deck and change it enough (4 -6 cards schould be enough) you never even q into something meta of course mmr matters if your mmr is to high your less likley to q into something that is not meta ..if you knew that and i wasted your time im Sorry ..if not your welcome

  6. yeah meme deck. not gonna work brotha

  7. I would love to play this, but it is worth to craft 2 berserkers,? Cuz they go to wild soon

  8. 'Whenever Priest is the least played class you know its good expansion'


  9. LOVE to see Big shaman, but dear Clark, two decks have mask reveller 😂

  10. First match its a really big highroll by thieft priest stealing harkened and FTOD.

  11. come on Clark dont give up on big shaman like that … but i can feel ur frustration xD

  12. I just had to sub after Clark complained about priests. I hate them too

  13. I made a version of from the other side shaman with sire denathrius. It has a winrate about 50%
    Maybe you wanna give it a try.

  14. Just went 14-4 and got to Diamond 1 with the Feno Therazane variant. Dead set on hitting leg with this deck. Farming aggro dk and rogue

  15. thief prist always steals the best cards

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