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Best Soundboard for PC

Kevin Stratvert
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In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use Voicemod, the best free soundboard for a Windows PC. The soundboard is perfect for games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Counterstrike, and programs like Discord, Zoom, and more. With the soundboard, you can add custom sound effects with the click of a mouse or key.

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0:00 Introduction
0:42 Install soundboard
0:56 Play sounds
2:06 Add shortcut
2:28 Search
2:59 Custom soundboard
3:23 Add custom sounds (wav or mp3)
3:58 Tuna sound library
4:31 Play sounds in games and programs
5:19 Phone companion
6:46 Free vs. Pro
7:05 Wrap up

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  1. This program is tricky if you’re going to use the Rode Rodecaster. There’s also a delay in your voice.

  2. can u plz share how make chapter beside ur full video

  3. can u plz share how make chapter beside ur full video

  4. can u plz share how make chapter beside ur full video

  5. can u plz share how make chapter beside ur full video

  6. can u plz share how u make chapter beside ur full video

  7. every time i have used voicemod, my mic goes crazy, my voice changes, and do have the same quality anymore. i tried everything, no use, so i just game up. i even paid for the bundle.

  8. i need help my headphones dont work after this what do i do now

  9. Whenever i talk or use a soundboard it glitches out and starts stuttering? Anyone know a fix?

  10. ok so this is fucked up and annoying to delete but to delete it you need to click the windows key search it up and press uninstall and then for some reason it will give you like 7 popups saying if you want to delete it

  11. Are you able to use a keyboard(piano) as a short cut? like if i click on a piano key will it go off?

  12. This is awsome, thanks Kevin, when I can, I'll get this app

  13. You got me an virus end this is not my occupation it's my friends PC so all your fault I we are no more vriends

  14. Can you still use this with headphones?

  15. okay great video, but for people who don't know even after watching the video, there is a limit on how many things you can add to your soundboard. (atleast for laptop and pc) the limit is only 10 sounds not including the 3 that come preinstalled (that you can't remove btw), but overall voicemod is a great free soundboard and voice changer, just bad in some departments.

  16. it doesnt even suport all audio types what do you mean this is the best soundboard?

  17. Well voice had need to remind me whole time i can buy prime and is monthly. Touch Portal give me only 8 buttons and i have to find where i can buy upgrade which is one time purchase because it's lifetime linence.

  18. can someone help he said its supposed to immidieatly appear but it doesnt on my screen

  19. dont recommend cause it always uses your mic. and it might hear some private stuff about you in your backround

  20. man this sucks i cant even get in the app it just broken and i am trying to restart it but it does not work

  21. omfg this dude makes a vid on everything

  22. i once had this one and it sucks if you dont want to pay

  23. When i use voicemod the quality sucks, of me talking and the Sounds

  24. blud u can only use 5 sounds in the goofy ahh voicemod

  25. Dont get voicemod because it has a 5 sound limit

  26. is safe like it donsen t put any viruses?

  27. Thanks for sharing this kevin. I'm still new to this and glad to have found this tutorial from your channel. Cheers!

  28. How do I make it so it doesn’t mess up my Xbox game at audio and make it so nothing can hear me, I change my inputs to voice mod and make sure everything is right and it just breaks it

  29. this guy was prob sponsered by soundboard. without spending 86 dollars on some crap premium, you barely get ANYTHING to work with. the free version is littarly just to advertise the consept that its "free to use" and nothing else.

  30. yeah for yall thats good but for me that not even working not even playing any sound
    i tried a lot ways but still cant fix that

  31. Kevin, when I deleted voice mod and I try reinstalling it, it won’t let me. Can you make a video on how to fix that

  32. And how to use this on Android? Without a PC.

  33. Ya all fun and games until you find out you can only use 5 sounds.

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