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Best Games Like Pokemon To Play On PC

Logitech G
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Looking for games like Pokemon to play on PC? Louise is here with a list of cheerful catch ’em ups to scratch that pocket monster itch.

Here’s the list:
Intro 00:00
Ooblets 01:13
Pokemon Trading Card Game Online 02:22
Monster Sanctuary 03:27
Temtem 04:29
World of Final Fantasy 05:40
Ni No Kuni 06:48
Creature Keeper 07:59
Pixelmon 08:56
Monster Crown 09:55

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  1. is there something like shinies in those games

  2. cool video, great content, but honestly, the narrator's voice was entrancing

  3. "Throwing balls at adorable creatures, trapping them, and making them fight."

  4. Nexomon: Extinction is another good alternative in my opinion.

  5. woah the knockoffs are better looking I should try and play them

  6. Digimon cyber sleuth? Like why it's perfect for this list!

  7. I wanna try connecting my g502 to my switch to get the best of both worlds

  8. yeah, give the copyright infringing mod more visibility, yes

  9. Thanks for featuring Monster Crown you guys! 😁👑

  10. You know , I'd rather prefer to use emulators for them that's what prove superiority of pc. Emulators for freaking everything.

  11. the content is good, the accent of the narrator is unbearable. is she the daughter of worth a buy

  12. i tought Temtem was free but it''s 32,99€ on steam

  13. ni no kuni isnt like pokemon at all. how about replacing that with digimon

  14. amy schumer is the unfunniest person in the world and yet she's still funnier than the first 56 seconds of this video alone

  15. what about nexomon ?? WHY IS IT NOT ON THE EFFFIN LIST LIKE WHY THE EFFF

  16. Who did the voice recording for the video??? captain???

  17. “You will see piggy’s perched in trees”
    Swaolu: am I a joke to you?

  18. Monster crown is such a cool and nice game i recommend it

  19. Wouldn't suggest minecraft pixelmon all the servers are pay to win

  20. Apparently A company who made rubber dome keyboards actually make a top 10 video what!?!?

  21. How many switch pocket monster games do you have? Xiaozhi can't see the protagonist players

  22. Aren't there any Dragon Quest Monsters game for PC…..I know there are some Shin Megami Tensei games for PC exclusive to Japan.

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