Best Free Online Open World Games You Should Play With Friends 2021 -

Best Free Online Open World Games You Should Play With Friends 2021

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Best Free Online Open World Games You Should Play With Friends 2021


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  1. Every game listed is like 10 years old…

  2. Atleast write the names somewhere. I can't figure out what you're saying. What's the game before genshin impact?

  3. Bless Unleashed


  4. What ever happened to hard-core competitive pvp games that don't look like they are for 5 year old girls? I'm getting close to just putting down video games. It's not what it used to be.

  5. The way you only finish half of your sentences is
    1) Annoying
    2) Tells me you haven't put much time into your opinions/commentary.

  6. Planetside 2 will forever be one of my favorite games because to me its one of a kind

  7. Thank you for remember me the game i use to play wen i was a child Runescape

  8. Hey Skylent Shore. You still grinding bro. I remember your voice from MMOhut or something like that. I subbed when I saw u had your own channel. keep it up, somethings gotta give. I have Covid 19 BTW. If I don't make it I'm just saying I hope you do.

  9. genshin impact is not rly a co op game imo… first everyone plays solo until you can play so op lul

  10. i loved playing skyrim but my ps3 broke so i could not play it anymore and i am not allowed to buy games so this kinda helped me out finding a new free rpg

  11. Bad thing on Genshin Impact co-op: almost all missions and campaign CANNOT be done in co-op mode.

  12. Nice one, Subscribed, Please keep it coming..

  13. should let people know FYI You will need to reach AR level 16 before Co-op becomes available.

  14. bruh can u make a list for players above 10yo?

  15. seems like your into shooters….its not free…but you wana play a cool shooter try Destiny 2

  16. Trove is fun the first dozen hours but trying to actually reach the end game is just impossible without paying a good chunk of money, I played that game 4 years ago and I was addicted to it. I played almost every day for a year and I didn't reach the end game at the time, and worst thing is that they just continue adding dragons and stuff that just make it harder to reach the end game.

  17. I play MMOs because I have no friends and I have no friends because I play MMOs.

  18. Fun fact, Unturn was actually a sequel to a game called Dead zone, and dead zone is a game that made in Roblox Engine, but due to come complicated issues Dead zone developer leave roblox and make their own game.

  19. yea,genshin impact…..disappointment… we've worked hard for lvl 50 then…we couldnt do anything inside game (COOP) XDDDD

  20. I played Unturned when it first came out, the dev was 16 at the time I believe.

  21. the fact that conquerors blade ain't on this makes me angry

  22. best multiplayer co-op is LOL (League of Legends)

  23. I can't see spending time to download a game to swing and run around. I mean WTF are you talking about

  24. Planetside with 2 of my homies was like some of the most fun I've ever had in a MMO. We'd pull out one of out suped up sundies (or libs, had a friend that loved flying the liberator) and ride around laying waste to everything. We use to call it out battle bus time 😂

  25. I feel like he never played any of these games I think he’s lying

  26. I didn’t find any of these games what a troll

  27. is there any pve only server for albion ?
    The coop side of genshin impact sucks, the rest of the game is waiting for dialogs … huge skip for me.

  28. U said roblox I’m done ur opinion is no longer valid

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