Best FREE Oculus Quest 2 Games You NEED To Play! -

Best FREE Oculus Quest 2 Games You NEED To Play!

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Today on BMF we are checking out the best free Oculus Quest 2 games that you need to check out!

(Very Long) Game list:
Echo VR (Somehow I missed recording this game?!?) –
Rec Room –
AimXR –
Pavlov Shack –
Gym Class –
Conjure Cards –
Cards & Tankards –
Grapple Tournament –
HAX Demo –
Z-Race Demo –
Face Your Ears –
Into The Metaverse –
Sail –
Battle Talent –
Ancient Dungeon –
Harvest VR –
Pick-up League Hockey –
traVRsal –
VRChat –
Pokerstars VR –
Prime Video VR –
Bigscreen VR –
Mission ISS –
Elixir –
Half + Half –
First Steps –
First Contact –
Bait –
Bogo –

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  1. pavlov shack isnt on the oculus quest two or i just cant see it

  2. I can’t find prime video vr anywhere.

  3. Now of these games show up on my oculus and I don’t know how to do anything on vrchat

  4. Is it just me or can anyone else only tolerate about an hour of gameplay w the oculus before becoming disoriented/have headaches?:/

  5. You forgot to mention that the visuals in gorilla tag are intended as it is

  6. Where is the boxing game in the exercise game free of course

  7. See this is the people we need to appreciate

  8. Dude I got one today I got motion sickness like 2 hours in

  9. I watched this 6months late and the games that I was interested in weren’t free

  10. I checked for Pavlov shack but it's not there

  11. REC ROOM IS AWESOME (except for the glitches that happen) but on iPhone ABSOLUTE PERFECTION

  12. Vr chat is so bad cause the graphics are bad and gorilla tag beat the game

  13. 12:58 <: | zamn i thought for a sec that he is going to murder this little sheep

  14. Blizzard needs to release Hearthstone for VR

  15. Gorilla tag is amazing in my opinion. I’ve played other games but gorrila tat is the best! There is updates almost everyday and 5 maps and maybe more soon! There is different game modes for tag- Even mini-games! It’s my opinion but it’s a great game! (Also there’s hats)

  16. This was very helpful! I’ll have to look into these games.
    I just got an oculus this morning for Easter

  17. Got my quest2 since today, What a difference compared to gear VR, im gonna spend allot of virtual time from now on:p

  18. Sail does look OK, my only beef with it is that it uses UNITY STORE ASSESTS!

  19. Which games are free, some of them are paid games

  20. You did Gorilla Tag dirty! The graphics don't even look like that, and it's first person! There is just third person for recording!

  21. Just wanted to say, Thanks! 🙂 Appreciate your channel and the information / entertainment you provide. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  22. I HATE YOU!😡 you lied I can’t find any of those games on my oculus quest two!

  23. Hi , I was looking for face your ears and I can't find it. it it on app lab or some thing else

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