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Best Free Animation Software

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Free animation software has come a long way! Here are 5 of the best free and open source 2D animation programs.

Each is a free, full version, open source program available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Learn OpenToonz with this tutorial playlist:


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Learn Sozi with this tutorial playlist:


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Learn Pencil2D with this tutorial playlist:

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  1. I tryed Pencil2D and followed the Little course on this channel. Later switched on Synfig Studio that Is not in this video, but hey, even thought both are free, they are totally different.
    I'm not good in design by hand, only want a simple animation.
    Drawing frame by frame is not in my chord.
    Synfig does an interpolation between frames, like DaVinci Resolve, doesn't need all single steps to do the job.
    Haven't tryed the others, but I think frame by frame vs interpolation Is the main difference in animating.
    Even thought Kryta is awesome, very professional software free to use, but Inkscape and GIMP can be used in animation too, with a different approach.

  2. Krita's great if you don't need to use audio. In my experience the audio feature is just kinda slapped on and barely works half the time, depending if the program wants to be nice to you 😐

  3. Opentoonz is not working when I search in playstore so what is the realname?

  4. i downloaded opentoonz and it just… idk what to do


  6. What is the easiest and full free automatic character lipsyncher freeware with mac version? I only need basic 2D vs 3D photo or drawing talking character! Please help!!!
    Everything you share requires a little training. For God's sake, is it so hard to have an animation by adding voice and mouth movements to a simple face drawing?

  7. this could help me so much thank you dude😄😄

  8. i am used to drawing using my mouse but i received i gift like ayear ago of a tasblet and im gonna try these out

  9. I use Krita but the fill in tool doesn't work properly so I dont like it much.

  10. I would like to make some animated shorts to tell some funny stories of my life. I have zero experience and frankly, I can't draw that well. What would you recommend?

  11. im using blender thank you!
    edit: wait nvm pencil2d

  12. I tried pencil2d long story short I have no idea how people are saying it’s good. Unless I downloaded something completely different I’m so confused. I can’t draw anything with that software it looks like I drew it with my eyes closed.

  13. You are such a great guy, Sir. I already give you a like and subscribe to you. Keep up your good work.

  14. WHEN IS BLENDER FREE??!! Olso krita sucks, its not good at all for animating

  15. you are amazing thank you for the recommendation ❤️

  16. Thanks. This was helpful. I was curious in animation. I would like to expand my skills as an artist. Another thing I am interested in is 3D modeling. I recently got Blender. I am bearly learning how it works. It is funny how this program showed up on the list. The last lesson video I watched was how to animate. There was a simple animation of a cube moving from one spot to another. It also rotated and changed color. That simple animation blew my mind. Wow, there is a start condition and end condition, and the program automatically does the inbetween work. Wow, one can have multiple changes at once. Wow! This video on animation programs show great potential for the 2D stuff. It may be more efficient for me to use Blender for both 2D and CG animation. That is one less program for me to learn. Learning a program like Blender is immensly challenging as it is. So if I am just starting out, it is good to make the most of it. I can dabble with other programs later. Having the 3D feature is nice even for 2D animation. It is helpful to keep that inind. Even the oldest Disney movies have some 3D effects due to the multiplane camera. Some of the Blender footage in the video do resemble this. There are characters in front of a background. Both are flat, but there is noticable space between them.

    Krita is awesome. I use to use this program a lot. It is good during my early days of igital painting. I highly recomend this program for anybody interested in digital art. It is high quality, and it is free. It is wonderful for learning and practice. Now I use Photoshop instead. It is nice for Krita to have an animation feature. Pesonalky I never used it. I think Photshop can animate too. So that is something to keep in mind.

  17. Thank you so much!
    I am making a fan made Spiderman Movie that requires a LOT of animation and Blender seems PERFECT.
    But I am also going to use Kreta for personal drawings.

  18. Waiting for tutorials on how to create 2d animation inside blender.

  19. I usually use Pivot Animator v5 cause it's easy to use. But, after i watched this woah my life changed!

  20. the irony of a free-program channel using Adobe as their icon and such….just…wow

  21. Can I use images or faces from my family photos to tell a story? Like my father and his singing group from the 50's performing their songs?

  22. Blender is not free I just tried it cost now it’s October 2023

  23. Uhh Krita isn't free tho?

    Ohh nvm it just isnt free on microsoft store

  24. Excellent content and well presented – Thank you for sharing.

  25. Do you know any animation software that has lip-sync features?

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