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Best Browser Games To Play On PC

Logitech G
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Not ready to give up space on your hard drive? Well we have ten great browser games that take nothing more than opening a new tab to play.

Here’s the list:
1 Spelunky:
2 Wonderputt:
3 Celeste Classic:
4 Sort the Court!:
5 Stein World:
6 Fallen London:
7 Wilds:
8 Neptune’s Pride:
9 Plume and the Forgotten Letter:
Hidden Cats:
10 Slither:

When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G.

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  1. Another day
    Another useless video
    Please give us the G Pro X Wireless

  2. Who still plays this type of old games noc noc???

  3. you open google and search y8 game.

    who remember this?

  4. How about the classic Minecraft they did last year ?

  5. you missed happy wheels one of the most funny games with a good friend

  6. As someone who grew up in the 90's, browser games consumed a lot of my early time on the internet. I'm glad to see there are still some good ones! Celeste looks really good, I still need to purchase the full game. Slither looks very entertaining as well, I'm definitely going to give that one a go on my HTPC while I'm being lazy xD

  7. Please fix the g560 volume from 12 volume to 14 volume there is a lot of difference.

  8. There's also Politics & War, and similar games.

  9. Pretty good list. Sent it to my pal who only has his work PC at the moment.

  10. Last Stand: Union City is a good browser game as well.

  11. Thank you, very informative video I do play browser games and didn't knew most of the games on the list

  12. I would never have guessed that the best PC gaming youtuber would be a hardware brand.. damn..

  13. I love your narrator Logitech! She really makes these videos fill with life

  14. ok listen im not a HATER its just there to much sssssssssssss in your voice it hurts my ears

  15. aqw , it lacks in game mechanics but the art style of weapons and armors are cool.


  17. Whos this narrator? Is she also the writer?

  18. I can really tell you put effort into making this video! by far the bet of its kind

  19. ha my brother broke his logitech mouse

  20. my dad is allergic to wasps so stien world is cool only for that reason

  21. There was a 2d platform shooter where you are a team of dinosaurs and fight a gang of cats

  22. Great game, great admins, unique game constantly evolving. Come be a part of something enjoyable. Build your stats, level your character, conquer to leaderboard or choose an alternative route. Your path is your choice. your browser based RPG path starts here.

  23. Do yall remember that one drunk man who fought and vomited and farted on people😂😂

  24. Did not find the game I wanted but still found some cool new games

  25. Lol i played sort the court for the rest of my day

  26. theres this one game i wanna play but i forgot the name it was like a rpg where u could fight monsters in a dungeon which u would enter from a portal at the spawn there is like 4 walk ways but u can walk whever u want in the spawn area and u can unlock new types of characters to use but u loose the levels u have and u can get wepons and theres a chest are and u can only use like 3 or 4 of the chest and u have to pay for the rest anyone know what game im talking about i would really like to know

  27. Ayo that narrator sounds really beautiful, Hope to see her in future vids also thanks for the list 🙂

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