Best AIM TRAINER 2021 - Tier List -

Best AIM TRAINER 2021 – Tier List

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Wow, a sub-10-minute Tier List! This is how I would rank all Aim Trainers, best to worst. Featuring the top most played aim trainers such as Aim Lab and some less conventional trainers like Paint.

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0:00 Intro
1:12 Aimbeast
2:14 Aimblox
2:37 Aimbooster
3:52 Aimtastic
4:19 Aim Lab
5:05 Kovaak FPS Aim Trainer
5:45 osu!
6:11 FPoSu
6:37 H**** Aim Trainer
7:06 Paint
7:59 Steelseries Aim Master
8:32 Full Tier List


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  1. Aye! Steelseries one is made for me.

    Love the sarcastic comments here and there , nicely done!

  2. Where is aimstars? It's literally better than aimblox by a planet

  3. i just started using aiming pro i like it more than aimlab but if i could get kovakks i would i just dont wanna pay.

  4. i love osu im a 4 digit tablet player been playing for 3 years.

  5. osu, is not an aim trainer
    people think its an aim trainer but seriously, its not
    its just a rhythm game

  6. I need a paint aimtraining 30 days video

  7. Teir list is good but why did you put osu in it

  8. You're criminally underrated as a youtuber. Earned my like.

  9. Roccat swarm has a built in one and I kinda like it

  10. How to download 3D Aim Trainer Resquest Help😢😢

  11. Im actually so virgin. I thought it was hunter aim trainer, instead of hentai. Took me a while.

  12. osu is not an aim trainer why do people keep telling themselves that 😂

  13. the roblox aim teainer is actually terrible

  14. Easy S tier

    Yeah sure mate id agree immediately LMAO

  15. I feel like aimlab should be at B tier imo. Aimlab is basically kovaak's in ez mode in addition to all the stuff you said about it.

  16. I personnally train on roblox aim trainer cause it has my sensitivity and its impossible to put my roblox sensitivty to kovaaks cause of robloxs sensity mesurment

  17. Yea i spend 12 hours a day practicing my aim… i also spend 12 hours a day practing my art

  18. Osu is a rhythm game is not aim trainer but it improves to consistency and reflex

  19. It's hard to beat anything in life with a large community support, and that's what makes Kovaak 2.0 great. Everyone is down to helping each other through creating training guides, giving tips, and submitting practice scenarios.

  20. to think that paint got a better place than osu. man

  21. There is aim trainer in Roblox but not Aimblox, it is Phantom Force.

  22. just an update on aimblox! aimblox's scenario list hasn't gotten bigger, but the leaderboard and the gui has improved massively, and there's a few notable additions
    like there's an aim duel area now, where you can 1v1 other people in all the different scenarios (people just mostly pick gridshot though), and you didn't mention the arena mode and the dungeon mode
    i still agree with you on the fact that if you can use aimlab, just use aimlab instead of aimblox, but if you play roblox fps shooters, i think aimblox is good for what it is

  23. 6:40 I might gift this to a friend or something, I've also always thought where I should put my hand I always thought on wasd for consistencies sake but this one looks to change that, awesome!

  24. Yo Pipi, theres a better aim trainer on roblox called "AIMSTARS" way better than aim blox

  25. Started playing osu for "aim training". Got too addicted, I barely even touched fps games anymore when I started.

  26. If osu works as aim trainer I should be aim god. Instead i always got one tapped by spawnpeekers in r6

  27. good tier list though I'd recommend playing deathmatch if the fps game you play have it because I find it much better than aim trainers since you're actually playing against humans and you're playing around the games movement and gun mechanics instead of the aim trainers, also hentai aim trainer is the best one since you also train your other arm while training your aim 🙂

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