ASMR 🌸 Creating the Coziest Street EVER 🍜 Minami Lane -

ASMR 🌸 Creating the Coziest Street EVER 🍜 Minami Lane

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Those of you who saw my recent Steam Next Fest video will have seen me play Minami Lane, one of my FAVORITE demos from that video. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the full game and I was sent a key!! I hope you guys enjoy this adorable and cozy game as we build a cute street, create the perfect ramen recipe and pet cats!

Check out Minami Lane on Steam! –

Lots of love,

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Mics: RØDE NT1-A x2
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  1. I bought this game the other day after seeing you play it and Iv been enjoying it so much!! It’s such a cozy and comforting game I can just turn my brain off and relax while playing! 🥰💗🌸

  2. This game is so cute !! I would love to see you playing the other missions

  3. Wow great timing for going to bed for me, looks so cute!

  4. Heyyy Alison hope you're well, Ive really been enjoying your videos recently. Your whispering is just the calmest thing ever. You are super talented and you should definitely pat yourself on the back for providing such amazing content for us.I really love the enthusiasm and the positivity in your videos and while watching we can all tell how much you enjoy creating videos. You are such a wonderful asset to the ASMR community.

  5. i find these types of videos really relaxing, its always the type of game play or the art mixed in with the asmr just gives it that nice warm feeling to it❤️❤️ goodnight to all

  6. You upload at the perfect time for GMT timezone sleeping time.

  7. This game looks so fun!! Thank you for another relaxing video❤

  8. ive encountered something that your videos cant beat.. the flu!!! the whispers are still blissful but the hot flushes, congestion and nausea are too tough apparently 💔

  9. ive started using your videos as background noise it helps me concentrate and then ill watch during my breaks between study sessions <3

  10. Where on Earth do you keep finding all these cute, cosy and unbelievably cool games? 😭 They fit your ASMR content and style so well! You've carved yourself your own lane here 🙌🏼 Lovely to see! Keep em comin' 😁🤍

  11. yesss reading rainbow was my favorite as a kid ❤

  12. You are such an inspiration to me! 🫶🏻 the way you play these games in such a relaxing way is unmatched 💚

  13. Please make a video with the new sims 4 stuff pack! Hearing you say crystal over and over would be so tingly 😂❤

  14. More house cleaning videos please and the ones where you look at expensive homes. I know you just did one but I can't get enough. I use them for my menopausal insomnia.❤ Cheers 🇬🇧❤

  15. I’d love to see you play more of lightyear frontier! I played the demo after watching your video and I’m obsessed! Thank you!!

  16. Times have been rough but I’m glad I can always come here and cheer up ❤

  17. Ive got my heating pad, doggies and head phones! Hope everyone is nice and cozy wherever they are ❤

  18. allison: how are you doing today?
    me: terrible
    allison: that’s great

  19. “Noobs b4 doods”. Just had that one in your back pocket, didn’t you 😂

  20. Thanks for showing more gameplay from this one! As soon as I found out there are cats to pet I had to buy it and so far am loving how cozy this game is!

  21. Hii! I love all the cute games but I would absolutely die for another slime rancher video!!! My absolute fav 🫶🏻

  22. Omg my cats are also plagued with picky and different tastes! I have 3 cats, all have different dry
    foods and they have 2 wet foods! We love em though right?

  23. The people not wanting any daisies from the lazy daisy was so funny. but maybe it makes sense the shop is being lazy about having daisies. XD

  24. I hope you reach and exceed 300K subs this year!

  25. I bought Minami Lane on Steam without realizing it’s not compatible with my computer 🤦🏻‍♀️😭 But I do have my eyes set on Mineko’s Night Market. Thanks so much for your channel and for all the videos you do!! You’ve brought me back to gaming!!

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