Ark's Biggest Day! Fjordur Launch & Ark 2 NEWS!! -

Ark’s Biggest Day! Fjordur Launch & Ark 2 NEWS!!

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  1. can i be in your tribe im a big fanpls i will be your thing

  2. Midnight club dub edition lol brings back memories

  3. The only good thing about LOL & RiotGames is KDA.

  4. A tamed Rockgolem tames the new bird thing instantly according to rasclark

  5. love how you mom is watching the stream 💕 supporting you. just a question does she understand the game? I know my mom don't like it you lucky lucky dog 😂

  6. The ark 2 teaser proving once again the budget went into Vin Diesel Kratos and Girl "BOY!"

  7. I want to play ark again so bad but being an adult now I never have any time

  8. Can anyone tell me the name of band discord

  9. BAM MY DOOGGG ITS BEEN 4 DAYS 0 hours, 31 minutes, and 15secs SINCE WE HAD A ARK VIDEO. The map is great and Ik it has content, GIVE IT TOO US YOU P***Y. You’ve been warned, we will find you.

  10. I’m gonna be living in the village like I’m in Skyrim

  11. Сын Папича от дяди Богдана says:

    Hello,i am looking for people in the tribe for the official conquest Fjordur

  12. Remember that time you tried to solo and gave up like right away.

  13. I love you bam I was sub since the ghost pepper challenge


  15. bam you can instant tame argentavis by knocking it out after it eats a body and has it's passive active. It will just keep eating until tamed. BRAAAAAW

  16. Every time im looking for your channel i find the channel of a bigger german youtuber who i am subscribed to because he has Bam in his name

  17. You missed the bat cave its by the wyvern trench and the basically rock drake and griffin combined and you can shoot off its back.

  18. Imagine streaming you wanna be ark player

  19. Keep up the good work man love the vids and hope to see a new fjordur vid soon.

  20. Could you release an actual vid for us since I am at high school when you stream

  21. Why did u block me on dis I want to send u something I made for u

  22. Btw if you get all the runes you will get a mjolnir skin for the teksword

  23. Love all you’re videos, take breaks I know how draining gaming can be never mind ark

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