Ark's Biggest Day! Fjordur Launch & Ark 2 NEWS!! -

Ark’s Biggest Day! Fjordur Launch & Ark 2 NEWS!!

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  1. Veezyy support emoji 🐷🐷🐷 spam to support Veezyy

  2. Can’t believe I missed the stream 😭 Can’t wait for the new vids!

  3. Yoooo Bam the thumbnail be looking sick af🖤🖤🖤

  4. Lots said rock drakes wouldn't be on fjordur welp one just attacked bam

  5. Almost two hours of bam play???? My birthday ain't till Nov….Thank u Bam

  6. wait is this his newest video or a live video that i missed

  7. If This coment gets pind i wil give you bam 100 usd

  8. I cant play fjordur 🙁 i havent played for like 6 months and now i dont have a tribe lol

  9. At 1:44:00 1 hour and 44 minutes in they start talking about what cuts a grapple and I recently figured out that you can cut a grapple with a whip 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 just in case anyone needs to know that information there you go😂

  10. Bam, if you didn’t know, Ark released an article about Ark II shortly after the Xbox and Bethesda showcase. It has a lot of new information on what Ark II will be like. I’d like to see you talk about it

  11. This was just lazy bam……audio was horrid and rest was just gameplay without noise.

  12. Yo Ark 2 trailer just drop out on wild card oficial channel and they alredy push up to 2023 but that is not a surprise, the surprise is that looks f@ckign awesome

  13. Imagine waiting all this time just to see this long video
    Disappointed tbh

  14. Hahahahha seaaser the people pleaser 😂

  15. What ever you do don't let sesar build ask him about turrets on low in a water cave …

  16. I love you bam thanks for making this insane videos <3

  17. Ark 2 will be just like atlas dead after a year, pvp player make ark what it is not pve that they cater to smh

  18. Bro bam love me back I been subscribe for so long😭

  19. Lijpe stream man nu nog in het nederlands

  20. Ignore the hateful comments brother. You're an amazing content creator . Let em be mad because they can't do what you do. Keep up the great work homie.

  21. Apex an titan fall are the same creatures man

  22. This map is like Val and gen and crystal had a three way

  23. i saw u were in there tribe how come u barely played

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