Are you SECRETLY BANNED in BTD 6? #shorts -

Are you SECRETLY BANNED in BTD 6? #shorts

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Are you SECRETLY BANNED in BTD 6? #shorts
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Did you know there is a way to tell if you are shadowbanned in btd 6? Sabre shows you exactly how you can find out!

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  1. I think I am shadow banned I have god mode mod

  2. I got flagged for no reason the only thing that was close to mods was when i was in a co op game I played with someone who had infinite cash then left

  3. I got flagged,but I don't play online so I don't really care bc if I want to 100% it on steam I can make an alt

  4. I think I know why I got Shadow Banned. I backed up my data while all of my mods were active, and when I got my data on my phone, I saw the leaves on the settings icon, meaning I was flagged.

  5. Well I'm not shadow banned because I play battles 2

  6. I only got one chance, I got banned instantly and now have -2.5Billion xp.

  7. i watched tewtiys vid got mods got flagged

  8. I'm flaged on both and main and alt accounts

  9. I tried ban speedrun but it gone wrong because i had to wait 4000 hours

  10. Nah I just realized I’m shadow and,devastation

  11. How does he play with Ryan?

    Sorry if I get the name wrong I have been slacking on watching the videos.

  12. I am, but only on my computer, because i have the netflix version on mobile😅

  13. I was banned on a different version of the same game but it said no internet connection and I needed internet connection to play but maybe it is just spectrums amazing internet 👌 just perfect

  14. the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🗿

  15. Avem două frunze acolo nu înțeleg aia vorbește traducere în engleză

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