Among Us: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU -

Among Us: 10 Things The Game DOESN’T TELL YOU

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Among Us (PC, mobile) has taken the world by storm. Need a guide? Here are some tips and tricks to win as an impostor or a crewmate.
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  1. i was playing among us and i cuaght the imposter 5 time not lying and 2 time the crew mates believed me and the other 3 times they dint and tought i was cheating and kicked me the match and it made me mad

  2. The tricky goldfish corroboratively perform because cloakroom lovely challenge outside a elderly beech. repulsive, true suggestion

  3. Some games in among us my crewmates are so dumb then i have to be a detective

  4. 10:10
    Im sorry to say that your wrong. lol
    If you have a playstore account (Or just make one)
    there is a pc app called bluestacks, it does take a while to get working, but among us is completely free on laptop!

  5. when you said i hate the ads an ad came out of nowhere

  6. 10:29 bro I never have ads on Mobile and the PC version that I got was free. It was on GamesLOL if anyone’s wondering

  7. thanks for the hints I will keep this in mind

  8. Hay I call myself silver but I'm not a cheater!!!!!

  9. We play on mobile and we never seen a commercial

  10. Fun fact: I have never got an ad while playing among us

  11. You should play feather family it’s in roblox you need to get money to get the unlockable birds you can also buy the falcon

  12. "play for real"

    games are games and should be treated like so,not like a stupid ass competition where nothing is in game

  13. 11:06
    Wow, that timing was AMAZING!!!
    I got an ad when he said

  14. I don’t see why people don’t play Among Us anymore

  15. My friends don't have discord so we use messenger but they cheat 😑

  16. Im a kid and i was able to get good focus and i saw blood… so i deleted it

  17. Wait there are ads in Among Us mobile?

  18. tho sometimes crewmates dont get scans

  19. Visual tasks: asteroids, scan, trash, prime sheilds

  20. I don't use camaras I use admin table or door log

  21. I watch among us videos before installing among us
    Weird fact:Big brain to doooo

  22. tip in mira ambush the reactor hallway above the decom admin map wont show your there and decom will give you time to ambush and know if you gotta dip or make them trip by your killcooldown

  23. me (pink) : red went in admin but he came out in nav

    everyone: pink sus, thats very sus, pink,

    pink was not an imposter

  24. gameranx: Even though I HATE THE ADS—-AD FOR YA

  25. Actually they’re are not ads in free mobile among us on my experience

  26. best tip I can give you on being a imposter and crewmate just keep your mouth shut and no one will think you're sus

  27. With the tasks 1 commonn 1 long and 2 short

  28. I've been playing mobile scince it got popular, and haven't seen a single add, but the weather node task is IMPOSSIBLE

  29. 7:39 that looks an awful lot like my character even down to the name

  30. In my opinion I hate the new question system you can’t even say your thoughts no you have to use a question system sure maybe a little faster but you can’t express your thoughts it doesn’t have everything Like where was green

  31. When I play I never get ads no matter what…and I'm on mobile

  32. thank yoyu fr the ammkong uis help- i will be using tgheis to detroy my friends!!

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