Among Us: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU -

Among Us: 10 Things The Game DOESN’T TELL YOU

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Among Us (PC, mobile) has taken the world by storm. Need a guide? Here are some tips and tricks to win as an impostor or a crewmate.
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  1. What ads? There r no ads on mobile! Or I'm just lucky either way no Airship map for mobile users 🙁

  2. All the dislikes are probably 12 year olds who thought the video would tell the secret way to get impostor

  3. Swiping cars in admin on a Nintendo switch is not as hard as you think, it takes practice to master it.

  4. I generally prefer longer games to shorter ones as they allow more opportunities for crewmates to do things, also it can be awesome for the impostor because they get to be impostor for a long time.

  5. i play mobile among us, and no ads on there…

  6. instead of waiting in the room for victims while the lights are off, wait outside and walk in as soon as you see someone

  7. Lost opportunity to say
    "Red! what do your impostor eyes see?"

  8. Run I stall ??? In the game

  9. 0:36 yeah but grouping up with the player named "???" that also has the same color as you isn't the best idea

  10. i got Among Us to late and my friends dont play anymore 🙁

  11. Why did you put I hate the ads and then there’s an ad

  12. When people just called in emergency meeting at the first seconds in the round we just vote them off

  13. Mobile among us dossent have ads? I have playd for a long time and never once got a add

  14. Tips as the imposter, the vent in admin to the hallway is a trap always assume someone is in security and on cams, immediately fake swipe card in admin there isn't a visual and most people already know what tasks have visuals, while playing with 2 imposters especially when anonymous isn't on don't vote together that usually gives you away and or makes you the next sus, don't immediately go to security as anybody I see many people do that and get voted off because the only task in security requires you to go to electrical first And if you get voted off as 1 of 2 imposter s you can still sabotage as a ghost like it's actually makes a difference when a ghost imposter is still in the game.

  15. one time i was playing on a streamers lobby, the streamer, yellow and i were the imposters but then lumpyfog stream sniped the streamer and first suspected me and i got voted off due to that lumpyfog stream sniped and yellow was also voted off too because lumpyfog played unfair (Stream sniped) and later than the streamer got voted off due to lumpyfog was stream sniping but later then lumpyfog got banned next round.

  16. Mobile: speaking of ads! Ad:GODZILLA BATTLE LINE

  17. Top tip: Don't try and make the game kid friendly. Don't try and make a forced safe chat. Don't make a huge maze of a map that takes forever to get around. Don't add an account system.

    OH WAIT.

  18. Thxs for taking about these among us stuff now I can try to not do what I do in the game

  19. Me in among us: i am going to convince red they r the imposter.

  20. terrible video didn't help me what's so ever
    please stop clickbaiting npw

  21. Am9mg us has no ads even its free on mobile

  22. Mobile on IOS doesn’t have adds that’s why apple is better
    It’s actually COMPUTER NOT PC

  23. 1. Most lobbies are filled with a teams
    2. The game used to be fun
    3. Most games you join into you’ll be voted out in the first round because you’re probably the one random in the lobby.
    4. 90% of games are controlled by discord conversations
    5. It’s not guess who anymore
    6. People actually have fun teaming up knowing the outcome of every game before it starts
    7. The discord teams actually think that nobody notices
    8. Discord players explanations on how they know are cringe
    9. You can catch a discord player in the most obvious way and his whole team will make up the most cringe excuses
    10. Only a certain type of people have enjoyment of cheating everyone out of a fun gaming experience that they can’t even lose in which is 90% of the player base sadly.

  24. ive NEVER had an ad in among us on mobile EVER idk what yall are doing but im just built different i guess

  25. Why are people standing around and doing nothing? Including the imposter. The game starts out good. Everyone is doing task and killing, then it all goes to crap and everyone stands around. What the hell is going on?

  26. Did anyone else notice the crew mates name was “WetAssPP?”

  27. I never fake tasks as an impostor but I do tasks As a crew mate except for the node on polus because it too hard

  28. What if u cant back yourself up, by your keyboard never popping up?

  29. good luck on that way to many smart ass cry baby's or name calling people that my pain in bum I have had over and over again it just sad and bullshit sick of hard people with brains 🤔😶🙁😣😒I'll give it a try in free play see how go hopefully that be my only way to go so far most games I try my best to go a single player game when playing with others online Can get so toxic as hell not in the mood for all the bullshit so over childish toxic guilds and player's online most really need to grow up and grow a brain Fast hopefully one-day or years to come who knows geez ffs so so K haveing walk away from fun stuff in my life all the time I had most of my growing up life get a bit old fast on that to buy others can show they skills with out the bullshit or name calling crazy crap wish I could but I keep getting told that life so I just get use live unfair and judgemental and dubble standers and unfun life yay for this crazy world stuffed up mindset get so of us so much broken as hell then in top get more bullshit on top other stuff in the first place I don't get this world anymore and because Iam sick of being called names like bot cheater or hacker and I am none of them things ffs get over your self you stuffed up troll's and keywords warriors this bullshit needs to stop troll's needs go back to fucking school so badly has hell no eles cops it this bad as I do 🙄🤬

  30. To have a functional among us account you must hand over your SSN (SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER) or put in a valid debit card (with at LEAST a dollar). It will become an annucance when you must create a whole new email to play -_-…. can anyone explain a way around this?

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