Americans Face Consequences of TikTok Ban, Not China {CLIP} -

Americans Face Consequences of TikTok Ban, Not China {CLIP}

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  1. Judge Joe Brown… is why I listen to this channel.

  2. The judge is saying, the Chinese are letting us destroy ourselves by censoring ourselves. Never interrupt your enemy while he destroys himself. In star trek its the no win test that kirk cheats on to win. We have been out maneuvered by our own arrogance and distractions. Reparations is a big one. They wave that old chestnut and everyone goes "squirrel "

  3. “Law firms will take this as a retainer” 🤣😂🤣😂

  4. 💯❤️Dana and Judge Joe Brown

  5. I wish Dana would let the Judge flow! He’s giving us important pieces to the puzzle and he keeps getting interrupted for silly stuff.

  6. JJB and Rhe Real D!! Great to see yall

  7. This man is a true inspiration to many. Big thanks for your insights.

  8. If the government gets the power to ban tik tok then it gets the power to ban anything including apps. Its a fine line folks,pick your poison.

  9. We sgould be able say gun or weapon or dying or dead that's free speach tic tock says …..u say our words or u will be banned u say words lik pew pew or unalive it our way or no way

  10. You are right. They are using Tik Tok as a trojan horse to get to other forms of speech. I do not agree with the ban.

  11. Didn't thought i would ever say this ;u right Dana😢

  12. Yo Yo Yo!!! TicToc Gotta Go✌🏽❤️!!!!

  13. Kitanji Brown trying to take away first amendment today in court case against Government censorship

  14. They hide so much in these bills and most people won't read them in full to understand what is in there

  15. TikTok can be poor for mental health
    The TikTok algorithm gathers information about the videos you watch and feeds you more of the same. The more you watch, the more videos with that same content you’ll get on your FYP. Sometimes, these videos can be bad for your health.

  16. US Inches Towards TikTok Ban: Here's A List Of Countries Where Tiktok Is Banned And Why!
    India. In 2020, India implemented a ban on TikTok due to security apprehensions following an altercation with neighboring China. …
    Nepal. …
    European Union. …
    Canada. …
    Britain. …
    Australia. …
    Taiwan. …
    New Zealand.

  17. Trump was the 1st to say ban Tik Tok lol

  18. The powers that be are preparing for all things global, even global governance, but in order to make that happen, they need to disempower the most powerful country that is in the way of this Global governance to take hold.

  19. No. Like President Trump says it will give Facebook more power and that isn’t good


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