Albralelie Reacts & Gives His Thoughts On Apex's ALGS Hack Situation... -

Albralelie Reacts & Gives His Thoughts On Apex’s ALGS Hack Situation…

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  1. Mac was 100% correct about the context of the "free download" video, Hal was downloading Malwarebytes to scan his PC after the hack.

  2. Inget your theorie. Does the part where de hacker spons bots in some ranked lobby attacking hal and Mande go into your vision on this? YT vid misses that part of the video.

  3. "My man Phillip y'know. He's a fucking…he's a demon. he just be taking out 3 dude at once type of shit "

    Got me dead 💀

  4. Comon bro, u guys are all using DMA Cards to cheat. This is why when Gen did a new reinstall, he still got hacked. It's so obvious to me as a player with 20k hours to see you guys are wall hacking and partial aimbot. The hacker exploited their DMA card via open port then exposed their cheats.

    Most hackers used to use cfg's but since there was a ban pushed on these. Now most people purchased them but the smart richer people just use the DMA Card. They play like shit in Lan.

  5. Kind of have to figure that if he was Whitehat, then instead of ruining streams, messing up games, and interrupting ALGS,:basically just doing thousands of dollars of damage, he would just send Respawn information about the exploits that he found so that they can be fixed. It's really that simple.

  6. Who cares what alb has to say he’s not even a pro anymore, he should go find another team or take a mental break

  7. never expected to hear Primeagen talk about apex, wow

  8. Destroyer 2009 said that he wasn’t gonna hack non famous pro players, and that he wasn’t gonna install any malware and shit bc he was a joker not a clown!😂😂😂

  9. Valorant has 128 tick servers and Cs2 has 128 tick do you know what is tick rate of Apex legends servers? It's a fking 20 tick servers 😅 I don't fking Know respawn and EA with all that money .

  10. I love the circle of life of ad revenue 😂 from a streamer streaming apex, to a streamer reacting to the streamer streaming apex, to a YouTube channel video of a streamers reaction of a streamer streaming apex, to a YouTube channel reacting to a YouTube channel of a streamers reaction to a streamer streaming apex 😅😅 like come on guys 😂

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