Add 101 Games To Your PS Classic - Plug & Play No Downloads -

Add 101 Games To Your PS Classic – Plug & Play No Downloads

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True Blue Mini The Plug & Play addon for your Playstation Classic. In this video we unbox, setup, and review the true blue mini. Is it worth it? There is definitely pros and cons to this hack solution.

Packs with Hub:
Packs without Hub:
Get 3 or 4 pack bundle:
8 Bitdo Wireless Adapter:
Hack it yourself tutorial:

PS Classic Playlist:

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**This video is for educational purposes-


  1. A lot of crack heads are gonna be disappointed when they open this up lol

  2. Select+Triangle pops you back to menu as well. These are a great option.

  3. In short, this proves there is money to be had in expanding what this system can support and there's a commercial route Sony could now chose to do it… Selling this item I think takes a stupidly bold step across the piracy line. Also, are they monetizing the open source autobleem software on top of everything? If I were you, Drew, I'd not direct link to this product any more than you would to an arcadepunks pi image.

  4. For $20 what the hell. The Weed pack has Doom and Final Doom. I’m down with that.

  5. I encourage those with the knowhow to crack the hell out of this trueblue shit.

  6. I think that the name TrueBlue refers to the old PS3 hack usb drives (also called true blue)

  7. I am going to go both routes just for the heck of it. For this price, why not?

  8. They named the packs after drugs? Super lame. You know what else is lame? Packaging this up as a commercial product and profiteering from this garbage.

  9. interesting bit of kit drew, thanks for your review

  10. Very surprised that Sony has done nothing, not that its my business, Good to see the price is right "for their service", too many rip-off's out there

  11. I can get this for a stock PS classic and it will work?

  12. Great review Drew, I want it, but the fact that the plug n play costs more than the system itself is off putting. Any experience with n64 games and their playability? Is the PSC more powerful than the Pi?

  13. Can you try Driver and exit to the game menu dyring the tutorial level to see if it crashes using this true blue mini? It crashes doing that using bleemsync..

  14. No one with Metal Gear Solid?? Only the VR Mission game?? unbelievable

  15. How well does the ps classic play these games? is there stuttering or slow down? curious because i might buy this for the fight pack, would be fun to turn this into a cabinet.

  16. Can you save your game? Or does it restart every time?

  17. Man I hope they make one of these with all the old school console games on it(ps,nes,snes,n64,sega, etc.)

  18. I’m gonna beat the twisted metals and tony hawks then pry buy the meth head one

  19. Another downside is that you can't use/pull up the ps1 secret menu with this item, they locked the feature.

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