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5 safe sites to get Retro Games in 2021

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  1. Can you play these downloaded games from the ROM sites to your actual console like PS3?

  2. Thanks, man. Was able to find The Battle of Olympus for NES.

  3. Gamulator has my homescreen covered with pop ups now. Currently scanning for viruses. Thanks, man! (Plz inform me if I did something wrong)

    (EDIT) IT IS NOT THIS GUYS FAULT. Sometimes, these websites get removed and replaced by some not so great folks. My PC is back to normal and everything is fine. Just CHECK THE SITES!

  4. romspure file downloads dont work and vimm just gets adblock error on download even when adblock is not on

  5. why are the download times so slow??? it take like 14 hrs for a 1.6GB game

  6. I got a virus because of one of this sites do not recommend

  7. i used romdownload, downloaded the game and it was a virus, why?

  8. That gamulator seemed sus. Tried to download Pokemon Crystal ROM, but the direct download had some weird third party installer that just refused to go away after I clicked I decline and I got a warning from my PC.

  9. bruh its downloading as a 7zip file its not even working ive been trying for months

  10. romspure doesnt work for shit every time I download something theres always a corrupt file

  11. The 1 first website he showed gave me an virus

  12. Is it safe to use game jam because I dont want to download something dangerous. Thank you!

  13. I'm having trouble with Romspure I'm trying to download dead rising and it does not start I thought it was my popupblocker so I just opened it in a new tab and it just takes me to some random pay wall or a fake captcha screen

  14. Is coolrom safe? because that's what I used to download games and thankfully I haven't seen virus or I might not figured if there's or none

  15. found a virus in a file from romsdownload a trojan agent tesla

  16. Gamulator is not safe. Just got hit with a virus when I downloaded.

  17. You should do an update to this video because most of these websites are no longer fit for purpose. You're just leading people to a swamp of viruses.

  18. downloaded from gamulator and it actually raided my pc with viruses fuck that

  19. do I need a emulator to play Roms or just download the roms?

  20. emulator and roms = are they for PC or can I play like N64 in my PS2 ?

  21. thank you so much for this video!! you seem so incredibly nice and this was very helpful!

  22. I’m looking for the mame dvd that plays all the old arcade games for my modified Xbox. I’m particularly looking for double dragon. Can anyone help?

  23. I just got into this and I want to download games to put on a Retroid Pocket 2+. But how do I get all these games to an SD card? Do I need an emulator to download roms or not bc the Retroid Pocket 2+ runs all of them with auto emulators.

  24. I wonder whats keeping the emulator sites safe from the evil game companies

  25. Went on that first website you recomended and its a VIRUS thank you for blowing up my pc btw you should smile more when you lie to people


  27. That romspure site has a LOT, but the gamecube roms are nkit. Am I missing something bc im running into issues with dolphin and would rather have iso files

  28. Is there any site that allows you to download every rom of a certain console all at once as opposed to one at a tiMe? Thanks.

  29. i download the game to my laptop but i dont know what to do next so i can enjoy playing some retro games, please help anyone.

  30. thanks for gthe vodeo! how do you transfer the roms to the vita after ive hacked it? drag and drop? unzip files? is there a process? any differenmt apps to download except vitashell? vitashell is running properly. please help thanks!!

  31. very annoying that there is so many "click here", or "start here" to download spyware or garbageware

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