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5 Open Source / Free City Building Games

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Here are 5 Free and Open Source games that are all about building cities and managing resources. If you see any game you like you can find the download links below.

Find more free open source games at

Download Links:
Open TTD:
Unknown Horizons:


  1. Hey man, this is an amazing video. I really enjoy it a lot, even downloaded some of it. Thanks Tj Free

  2. Not of the same genre, but more hex based turned based strategy: Do you know of 8Kingdoms, or if anyone has gotten it to work on modern systems?

  3. can you sir make videos on open proj please

  4. Cool. Next episode: 5 Open Source / Free RPG Games or some horror games

  5. Freecol is definitely not a city builder. It's a 4X. I can't speak to the others, but such an obvious misgenreing gives me doubts.

  6. i have installed unknown horizon but it wont start, how did you install it?

  7. Basically the first game is the Roller Coaster Tycoon changed to be Sim City 2000/3000.

  8. is that intro sound the render completion sound from replay mod in minecraft because i had minecraft open and thought "wait im not rendering anything right now am i?"

  9. I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son says:

    I could never make free cool work on my mac

  10. You missed a really great one (albeit an older one)

    LinCity-NG: an open-source, SimCity style game.

  11. maaaaan , i don't like very much OPEN TTD strategi and logic , graohic of this game make you to wnt play this game

  12. Huh, so there is an open souce Anno. Cool. I've been playing FreeCol pretty much since day one (possibly sunk into it more time than any other game), but another colonisation-themed game is always fun. They never scratch the itch the right way, but always worth trying to find the right one

  13. Which one works on browser without download?

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