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5 Amazing Oculus Quest VR Games – FREE DOWNLOADS!

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We’re back with another batch of amazing Oculus Quest games you can sideload free onto your Oculus Quest headset right now! From VR remakes of classic PC titles to original survival horror games, these are five experiences you won’t want to skip.

Download SideQuest to get started sideloading – sidequestvr.com

Attack on Quest – tinyurl.com/u2fkrt3

Triton VR – tinyurl.com/u4ng4e3

Lambda1 VR (Half-Life) – tinyurl.com/tndxvm8

Crisis VRigade – tinyurl.com/rmhahlc

Terminus VR – tinyurl.com/r8cmot4


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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but the oculus can no longer connect to windows in the current version

  2. crisis is not for free bro the title sais free

  3. Is Lambda1 be full caps please help the font is confusing

  4. Thanks a lot for all the games you mentioned. I was looking for more sidequest games 👍🏻

  5. over at the discord for the terminus people cvr they have some pretty cool helpers

  6. Hey, bud! I'm community manager for CVR Games (the developers of Project TERMINUS VR). Thanks for the mention here! I noticed the video is from the original alpha demo, but they just released the full prologue today – packed with tonnes of additional features and gameplay improvements, along with a more shaped storyline. It's available on SideQuest now! I'd love for you to do an updated review. If you'd like to chat, you can find us on Reddit (r/ProjectTERMINUSVR) and catch me or the Devs there, or follow the link to our Discord from there. Hope to speak soon, mate. Thanks again for the shout!

  7. You should totally play the new demo, and donate at the kickstarter so one of the discord helpers gets the full game for free

  8. Attack on Quest – 0:55
    TritonVR – 2:06
    Lambda1VR – 3:00 (Must own legal copy of Half-Life on PC)
    Crisis Vrgade – 4:08
    Terminus VR – 5:15

  9. Terminus vr…. During a worldwide pandemic….. Yeah that really hit home right now

  10. Put side quest in the f**** title no one is doing that and its pissing me off.

  11. do you know any free zombie shooting games for oculus

  12. is this for also for Oculus Rift's? like i mean the games

  13. when i type in attack on quest it didn't showq up :/

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