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3 Easy Ways to Free Hard Disk Space on Windows [Automatically Full Drive C: SOLVED]

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Here are 3 simple ways to Free Hard Disk Space on Windows.
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In this video, I show three easy ways to free up some disk space on your C-drive or hard drive on Windows without losing valuable data. This would also solve the problem of automatically full C drive, it will work for Windows 7, 8, and 10 and even if youโ€™re not running out of disk space yet, is recommended you perform these processes every once in a while.

Method 1
Clear out cached Windows updates.

Method 2
Perform a disk clean up.

Method 3
Use the size:gigantic command on your windows to reveal all files larger than 128MB.
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  1. dรจ_.mร รฑล›รฑรธhรธt says:

    Thank you! I managed to get rid of red thing

  2. Man thx a lot all the other video doesn't work man your the best I am subbing

  3. I will do this tomorrow. I can't insert my video on my ppt. because I can't download extension due to my full storage. Can't even download movies. I hope this would help me fix my problem tomorrow

  4. This video actually helped. Iโ€™ve spent a few hours trying to free up space

  5. Great tips. C:WindowsTemp is also a folder that uses a lot of memory.

  6. Bro i know it s a old video but if u can respond me I will be very happy!!!
    When I write size:gigantic it dosen t work!!
    WHY?? can u tell me please

  7. i hope it dosent take alway everything i have i worked so for those

  8. The only vid in the whole internet that helped me was this vid

  9. brooooooooo~ ty ill give u subscribe tyy

  10. when i do the last step, nothing shows up .looks like its an empty file or something. just loads for a lil while and then when its done it says no items match your search.

  11. wow the 1st step actually just snapped a part of the C: drive you really are a hero

  12. How do you further delete files on a PC? I put files in my Recycling Bin and then did a disk clean up, but very little space was freed. Files are stored on the computer even after deletion with disk clean up. So how can you access a computer and delete the unwanted files again and free up more space?

  13. ur accent kills me but i love it too, thank you so so much man u helped me a lot u r a cute donut!

  14. Bro i am useing a laptop and i installed a game and it started to slow down so bad

  15. I need help….the size:gigantic command doesnt work for me..can anyone help me…it would mean a lot

  16. I just bought my laptop, tried downloading the Sims 4 plus al the packs(I donโ€™t have many) I bought with it, it kept telling me my hard drive was full but when I checked my local disk it said 0??

  17. This is very useful thank you very much!!

  18. Thanks so much for the help this has fixed my computer which was not working for a year and a half because of this problem so thank you for the help.

  19. Look for file: Desktop-9EP4AH8, it shows 0kb, but fills up about 80% space

  20. did notmreally work on me.. it actually added another 100MB or so on my C: drive… and yes i ran the disk cleanup like 10 times

  21. Is this delete word,exel, PowerPoint presentation, ceremony,onenote

  22. I have 8gb ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ you are fake ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  23. literally 3gb on software distribution, i always wondered why i had so much space taken up, let's see if this works

  24. what is that lip button to hit means which key from the keyboard i have to hit

  25. he sounds like annomaly XD.Anyways thanks you for the help

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