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3 BEST FREE Video Editors for PC ๐ŸŽฌ

Kevin Stratvert
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Learn about the best free video editing software for both Windows and Mac PC, including Clipchamp, CapCut, and DaVinci Resolve.

– Clipchamp:
– CapCut:
– DaVinci Resolve:

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  1. Legends knows that last editing software is used by trycs da GOAT editor

  2. how the hell did i not know capcut is also available on PC, i thought it was only mobile bruh, im dumb

  3. clipchamp says that i'm not old enough.

  4. The first try of video editing software that is on windows 10 is shit but clipchamp has the goods

  5. When I first saw clipchamp in my pc after updating to win 11, I was annoyed, but kept it anyway. But later it's become very crucial for me now. It's a great one for basic video editing.

  6. ๐Ÿ™„ My laptop can't handle Davinci Resolve, Capcut for PC has a file size restriction so can't do full length videos without having to pay…

  7. I have always used davininci and suddenly it stopped working saying theres some gpu problem ive tried everything,checked settings ,reinstalled,looked through my files etc and its not working I give up

  8. Did you know that editer clipchamp was made by a roblox youtube

  9. Currently capcut is not available whyyy?? ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

  10. I went from iMovie on iPhone to iMovie to iPad because my phone had less storage and also iMovie for iPad had waveforms in audio which really helped. I then went to CapCut for iPad as there were more functionality and finally to CapCut for PC as my PC had way more storage than my iPad (1.25TB vs 64GB) and also because of the ability to select multiple clips at once and the ability to copy and paste made editing a whole lot easier. I plan to edit on both my iPad and PC as projects can be transferred via the cloud and hopefully replace my iPad with a laptop in the future as an editing device.

  11. So the thing is with the free davinci resolve whenever i stumble upon a premium feature it always shows a notification it's annoying as hell can i turn it off?

  12. U NEED A KEY FOR DaVinci stop saying its free smh

  13. capcut looked great, but didn't support AV1, Davinci Resolve is HIGHLY overrated.. it's more complex than it has to be and even the basics are kinda "meh".. also, getting the playback to not sutter/lag etc. is extremely hard in some cases.

  14. so they wont show watermark when we export videos? can they also do 4k video?

  15. clipchamp crashes for me everytime i record with invidia 8k and 4k

  16. I use kinemaster on my phone and I love how easy it is but can't get it on PC. What is the best easiest amateur editing app? Divinci resolve was like learning another language for me

  17. climpchamp is really laggy tho, may crash at random times.

  18. Capcut is sadly not free, this video is prob. fake!

  19. I like how the walking matches with the beat of the song

  20. I have 4gb of RAM

    can it run DaVinci? because when I searched it up, it says it needs 16GB of RAM

  21. Can't even upload free youtube music to clipchamp dammit

  22. How Is Clipchamp The Best?? It Ruined My Vid I Worked Hard On. It Kept Glitching Out.

  23. Free software don't really mean it's really free unless it is open source since you are the product you people should just realize this

  24. I cant import the video when i u sed clipchamp

  25. which among the three softwares can give a 1080p 60fps smooth video??

  26. davinci kinda heavy for my laptop, so capcut is the way

  27. use outplayed its a thing that captures your clips but you can also record with it all the way up to 4k 120 fps and its free

  28. Thanks for the suggestions. I really do think that cap cut and DA Vinci resolve are really great editing software applications. However, cap cut constantly tells me that I have no storage on the cloud and DA Vinci resolve is very complicated and I encountered problems like video offline ( although it isn't – as I got it stored to my harddrive).

  29. why do i have to fill in my zip and credit card fields to download a free freaking editing software stupid af ngl

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