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25 Best FREE OFFLINE iPhone & iPad Games of 2018-2019 | No internet required | whatoplay

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– Complete list of all free-to-play iOS games.

Our updated ranking of the best free iPhone and iPad games that you can play without an internet connection. These are the highly-rated mobile games that you can get for free on the Apple App Store.

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  1. Oof some games don’t work for me when they have got really good quality ughhh

  2. my favourite game is vmedialite(its a download any movie/songs):)

  3. Ya the app egg is not fun any more just looking for knew games cause I board

  4. I heated Nishan shaman in like 20 minutes but it’s so fun and hard

  5. I’m watching because my parents turn off the WiFi if we go to sleep

  6. Nishan shaman is a great game, sadly its super super short

  7. I’ll have 13hrs nonstop flight and finding something to kills time

  8. Chansorphea Kong គង់ ចន្ទ័សោភា says:

    Who watch this in 2020🙈

  9. I’m going on a non wifi 2 week trip so I need this thanks !

  10. Wasted my mb plus my time watching this 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Yoo I own both an android and ios and broo the amount of great games in android is unfair 😂

  12. Anyone watching because they are going on a plane or a road trip?

  13. When i get a tablet for christmas im so gonna install all of these and play them on field trips LOL

  14. Is the speaker a Filipino? She sounds like a Filipino to me😊

  15. Anyone else are here because they need offline games to avoid being bored in a long roadtrip

  16. Thanks I was going to the super market and I didn’t wanna just walk around doing nothing lol

  17. Who else is watching this before they get in the car with no Internet? 👁👄👁

  18. ho else is watching this because they are going on a trip

  19. I didn't watch video because i subed

  20. Just visit playstore's top charts now
    I'm glad I didn't grew up playing them

  21. FiddleClat Wants to steal your diamonds says:

    Thanks, you helped me a lot because I only had 3 Boring and I had Exciting games

  22. Thank you! I’m pretty sure i wont get bored in the anymore ☺️

  23. Anyone here because they need games that require no wifi because your going on a vacation where theres no wifi?

  24. Tysm! I’m going on a 4 hour road trip so I need some games to play! Now I won’t be bored! 😀

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