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24 April Read Aloud Final Both Parts

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We’re ready to play in 2024! This year’s PRC-Saltillo AAC Literacy Planner, Let’s Play, is all about play and friendship. This month’s book is a collection of poems called A Stick is an Excellent Thing. This read-aloud video provides an opportunity for a shared reading activity using 5-6 target words with a smart chart to help you model these words.

You’ll take a picture walk to build background knowledge and then listen to the story.
0.00 Introduction to the Literacy Planner
1:44 Story Intro and Picture Walk
3:15 Read any of the poems in this book in any order you choose. Please pause the video as you listen to the poems to interact with your AAC communicator. You can ask your PRC-Saltillo AAC Consultant for a free print copy or download a copy from our website . Want more engagement? Head over to Tar Heel Reader (?…) to read free, online books written for older emergent learners with the monthly target words

Note: This video example uses LAMP Words for Life Vocabulary symbols but you can read the story no matter what language system you are using. Download smart charts for LAMP Words for Life, Unity 84 sequenced, or WordPower 60 Basic from … or make your own using our free PASS software (download at ), Chat Editor (download at …) or the smart chart generator on the AAC Language Lab.

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