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10 Ways WWE 2K23 BEATS WWE 2K22

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It’s that time again, it’s time to showcase the things that WWE 2K23 does better than WWE 2K22!

Thanks to 2K for providing an early code to create this video! #wwe2k23

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  1. This was all in wwe 2k15 which cena was also on the cover

  2. Finally got the undertaker doing his tombstone with the Tom out now

  3. I bought the cd yesterday but the commentary not working how i can fix it

  4. Backstage 3:07 area reminds me of the old sdvr interaction areas

  5. Only down side is how good the AI is at the royal rumble mini game even if your not hurt full health the seem too always be impossible too beat most off the time

  6. Also the fact that you can now crawl to the ropes during a submission move

  7. The soundtrack is pretty shit, sounds like a FIFA soundtrack in all honesty. Where's the aggression?!

  8. Definitely more of a title update than a new game 😂🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. WWE 2K23 > WWE 2K22 huge improvement.
    Why they could do this with WWE but NBA 2K23 is exactly the same old trash like NBA 2K22 :/

  10. Roman Reigns acknowledging you is funny 🤣

  11. Ct scene selector kind of like create a story just in Universe mode

  12. damage & tiredness being more visible definitely one of my favorites couldn’t help but think it looked so weird 20 minutes into a match and dominic mysterio is just chillin as if he didn’t get f5’d 20 fimes

  13. hagerstown md threw me for a loop no one knows that place

  14. I am happy they fixed the tag team finisher big from last game

  15. It’s inexcusable for the gameplay to be the same as last year.

  16. The animations still look so janky, they sure fool a lot of people with that AAA pricetag


  18. but can you stack 3 tables on top of each other an break them with the opponent?

  19. I can’t wait to get this game, I feel after 2k20 2k was like we have to make up for what happened so they started to listen to us the fans, and now they have brought back GMmode, gave us a better my career mode with two different stories, now a better GMmode with multiple brands and more GM’s even Tyler Breeze I actually didn’t know he was a trainer at the performance center, also improving Universe mode majorly, and making a better myrise than last years game, and than War Games just amazing amazing I can’t wait to get the game

  20. I wasn't a big fan of 2k22 because… I expected more for the time.. No more universal features.. A bad GM mode.. Too little detail.. And not enough new things.. Every time they made a bad new feature, they also removed something.. no costume entry.. fewer character creation options, no promos.. which was really sad. Because that's one of the greatest features in wrestling. But this game actually looks better. I love the new details. I hope they also updated the universal mode a bit..

  21. They need to let you add pyro to championship entrances

  22. At least 2k22 allowed custom title entrances and victory cuts… that shits stupid now for CAW.

  23. How do you share characters across gens my friend has a PS4 and I downloaded his community creation on my PS5 but he cannot download my characters off of PS5 we signed up for the 2K account but still having issues saying it can't find my criteria

  24. The commentary is horrendous, there's zero emotion to it.


  26. I thought the my wise character was jimmy wang Yang lmao

  27. I hope if someone wins a title match and whoever won money in bank last, they can press triangle then come fight for the title


  29. So happy universe mode is getting cutscenes like this. My complaint: some of them cancel out tag team matches for a simple pre-match cutscene. And to show the full entrances before the ore-match events happen. We need the create a show feature again like the old days!

  30. The only thing i dont like about this years game is there's no one on the cover this year.

  31. Took them more than 10 years to give Taker the right expression when he does the tombstone pin 💀💀💀

  32. 2k23 has this weird blur to it compared to 22.

  33. Also I'm glad that CAWs actually sweat more on their body rather than just on their face. It's not perfect, like some CAW bodies may sweat more than others, but I've seen some youtube gameplay on MyRise and it looks pretty cool, just haven't seen any bruises on the face or body like the in game superstars, so I hope they will improve on this in the future. Also I noticed they brought crawling to the ropes and corner when you are on the ground tired or beaten up along with rolling to the ropes to grab and pull yourself up again. There is also an animation where instead of your superstar rolling out of the ring he/she rolls under the ropes and struggles to stand up on the apron trying to use the ropes to pull themselves up, this feature was in 2K20 and I'm sure it was in 2K19 as well even though I never played it. I still haven't figured out how it is done or what causes your superstar to do it, like if you need to be laying down near the ropes or trying to roll out of the ring but cancelling it, I really would like to know and I'm trying to figure it out. The reason why I am bring this up is because I really liked these small detailed features that were missing in 2K22 and I'm so glad they are bringing them back or at least trying to with this whole new gameplay system and graphics. I just would really like WWE 2K games to be more of a simulation game and even though 2K23 still feels kind of arcade like, I'm just glad they have some simulation features in there. I don't really mind the fast pace or being a little on the Arcade side so long as they put simulation features in there for now. Hopefully it will all eventually become simulation though or we can choose to turn simulation on or off.

    Sorry for writing an essay guys, I get carried away sometimes when it comes to this kind of stuff

  34. Thought it was real stupid how 2k22 didn't have undertaker rolling his eyes back and sticking his tongue out when pinning like how could they not add that

  35. Dope video, haven’t gotten the game yet, but cant wait to! What’s your favorite part about the game?!

  36. This isn’t even all of it once someone throws you out of the ring they instantly do the get up taunt they hit the ropes then they do the suicide dive on top of you really good thing they added

  37. MyRise has an ending? I've finished all stories for both male and female on WWE 2K22. No ending to conclude the whole gameplay

  38. I have issue with cut scene animation. If I select its empty and couldn't select anything there. And if there is a rival action, the moves of the superstar gets default and not the custom.

  39. I havent played 2k23 now but you can make youre own team in my rise like in the video with rhodes, reigns and the 2 other guys ?!

  40. the Uso match was something i wanted when the beginning of the Bloodline story was years ago

  41. Wwe 2k23 beats 2k22,but it will never beat 2k19 2k18 or 2k16

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