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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Xbox One Could Do

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The Xbox One is a wildly ambitious gaming console. The console looks forward to a world where PC gamers and living room console gamers share the same spaces, which is no surprise considering Microsoft is the company behind the Xbox One. It simultaneously remembers the past, letting us play Xbox 360 games from the last generation of consoles. Despite its rocky start as a DRM heavy platform, Microsoft’s third gaming console marches forward as a unique force in gaming. A box that is truly modern learning from digital distribution platforms the world over and lets us engage with our content in just about any way you can imagine. It is a feature rich system, packed with stuff you’re sure to have my missed.

There is no other hub quite like it. The Xbox One has changed so quickly in such a short number of years, and Microsoft shows no signs of stopping. AT E3 2017, Microsoft unveiled the newest iteration of the Xbox One, named the Xbox One X, to rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Labelled the World’s most powerful console, the Xbox One X intends to end the PC master race debate and blur the line between consoles and PC’s even further. Like with their commitment to backwards compatibility, Microsoft remains steadfast that looking forward doesn’t mean forgetting the past. Long term, Microsoft hopes you’ll trust them with all your digital gaming purchases. It’s bold strategy. It makes learning the secrets of the console all the more valuable — you’re going to use these tips for a long time. Without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know your Xbox One could do. Enjoy!


  1. 2:48 microsoft is the one who made windows and XBOX so that's every windows 10 pc laptop or even phones have the Xbox app

  2. Why am I watching this even though I have a Xbox One and I haven’t even set it up yet

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  4. People arguing about what is better:
    Me: Can't you just appreciate the fact that you have a console?

  5. Does anyone know how to find the code on your xbox I have been looking forever

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  7. Never use a thunbnall like that again we’re not dumb

  8. all i know is xbox pro consumer nowadays.

  9. Ah yes, I had no idea that I could press B on my Xbox one

  10. Hey guys, I need help. I cant find the B button on my controller.

  11. Oh cool! I didn’t know I could press my B button, thanks!


  13. Tbh haven't we all accidentally pressed b after you are done with a app and it takes you back to the previous app you wer on

  14. At 6:13 if you look where middle left is it says Dylan the same name as me

  15. Every time I try and watch my TV through my Xbox; as soon as I get the signal it says “press any button to watch” and then there are no “buttons” on the controller I can use to get the TV signal to start; (or change the channels; bring up the menu; etc.) what am I missing?

  16. The video title should've been You going to know all ten things on this list and we just made this list to suck microsofts dick

  17. Fun fact for brainless people: both Playstation and Xbox are fantastic

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  19. Hello friends No regrets working with name above 👆 am forever grateful for the excellent job done…

  20. Hello friends No regrets working with name above 👆 am forever grateful for the excellent job done…

  21. Gosh darn I never I could press a button called “B”

  22. How do you copy movies and music to Xbox one s my old PS3 does it easy there's no copy on play of usb

  23. If you have the newest Xbox and PS5 you will see the PS5 is better

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  25. sandwich animates sandwich and cheese says:

    Ah yes press the b button I did not know

  26. anyone else remember the power of license transfer?

  27. Xbox is able to do all this but isnt able to download a picture in edge

  28. Turns out I have over 300 days worth of time spent in apex legends

  29. Don't use the home feature because that's just giving your friends leverage through your game Saves

  30. Oh my God I didn't know about the b button from the thumbnail

  31. insert ps4 is better comment here
    insert console fanboy joke here
    Will you guys shut the fuck up you've been arguing about the same useless bullshit for fucking years.

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