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10 Fun Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!

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These are 10 amazing fun websites for you to enjoy. Sometimes you need a fun website to cure your boredom. Whether you’re bored or just need a break from the daily pressures of life, the internet has tons of cool websites to waste your time on. I will show you 10 fun websites that you can visit at any time to instantly cure your boredom. Some of these are fun gaming websites along with interesting and weird sites in various categories.

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“Best Websites of 2018” Playlist

0:21 Library of arcade video games.
0:56 Retro console games.
1:24 Odd, weird, and strange things of our world.
1:50 Interactive film.
2:07 Web-based operating system.
2:40 Interactive generative art.
3:00 The web genius.
3:46 Sounds of the old technologies.
4:20 Funny pictures of people at Walmart.
4:44 Viewer favorites.
5:25 A button to cure your boredom.

Internet Arcade

Console Living Room



Windows 93

Weave Silk


Museum of Endangered Sounds

People of Walmart

Bored Button

Bonus Sites
The Useless Web:
Geek Typer:
Radio Garden:

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  1. I was only here just for Half-Life 3
    Nothing Else.

  2. all the words that starts with c "cabbage cabin cabinet cactus caddy caduceus caffeine cake calculator calvin camcorder camel camera camp campfire camping can canada candle candle_holder candy canibal canldelight cannon canoe canon canonball canteen cap captain_future car caracal caravan card cards carousel_horse carrier carrot cartoon cartwheels castle castration cat cat_in_the_hat catapult catch caterpillar catholic catsuit cauldron cave caveman cb cd celebrity cell cello celtic cementary cent centaur centipede cerberus cereal cessna chain chains chainsaw chair chalkboard chameleon champagne chanukiah chao chaosarrow chapel chaplin chariot charlie_brown charon chat check_out cheerleader cheers cheese cheetah chef chemistry cherry chess chest chewing_gum chianti chicken children childrens_books chili chimney chinese chip chisel chocolate chopper chrisrian christal christmas church cicada cigar cigarette cinderella cinema circle circuits circus citadel citroen city clam clarinet classic_art cleaning clef cliff climbing clip clock clog closet clothes clothespin clouds clover clown cnn co2 coach coast cobra cocaine cockatoo cockroach coffee coffin coke colibri colombia colt column comic comic_people compass compliments compost computer computer_games conan concert concorde condom confucious congas congrats construction continents contrabass contraception conversation cookies copyright corkscrew corn corn_flakes corridor corythosaurus cosine cottage couple court cover cow cowboy cowgirl coyote crab cracker cradle crane crap crash crayons creatures creek cricket crinoids crisps croatia crocodile cross cross_section crossbow crossword crow crown crutch crying cryptography crystal_ball cube cubicle cubism cuckoo cup cupcake cupid curtain cut cyberlife cyberpunk cyborg cycling cyclist cyclops cylinder"

  3. thanks bro you literally cured me from boredom

  4. Heres another: Driveandlisten 🙂

  5. is the firt one good? i dont wut to go to jil

  6. 𝐁𝐮𝐛𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐓𝐞𝐚 ✰ says:

    Try searching "powerpuff yourself " then press the blue highlighted and boom u can customize

  7. I was very exited to play the ineractive video but when it went to the page it didn't give me a video

  8. I used cat explorer and This thing popped up and i clicked it and OMG it’s like real google!!!

  9. 2:23 did yall not notice the folders on the top and what the one by games says? LIKE- NO

  10. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


  12. You forgot one 😉😉😉.

    CAT VIDS!!! You little dirty minded human xD

  13. Most of the views are from the lockdown

  14. Fun fact : you came here in 2021bc you have no work to do

  15. my boredom is is already cured but its pretty high

  16. The 1st website really did remove my boredom! Thanks

  17. body visualiser fluidsv2 mr doob games google doodle games friv and eleastic man are pretty fun (im not sure if friv still works and also the face for elastic man will only work on some tome of laptop/pc

  18. anyone know this one app you can download which has multiple tools like hammers,flamethrower,guns and such and you break your screen with it as a game?

  19. Tysm now im not bored tysm i will suscribe for u

  20. The internet arcade wasn't so useful but radio garden was

  21. yo, that akinator game is must have been so complicated to make, it is so good at guessing

  22. (•v•)☞ he is the one who cured my exagerated boredom!

  23. I thought the title
    Said 10 fun website that will cure your bedroom!

  24. It says insert coing but i cant😂😂

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