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  1. WZM IS GARBAGE GAME ! Not for phone ,only PC !

  2. well thank goodness they came out with this all them players on regular gonna be mad because they're hacks are going now bro I'm so happy that they created this

  3. Bro both of y'all sucking shooting y'all was right in front of each other and neither one of y'all hit each other for like 50 shots LMAO

  4. Should've left Bryan alive Bryan would've kept y'all living😂

  5. Bro did y'all get your stuff from the real game yet are they transferring stuff cause I already have all that stuff

  6. Game is bullshit. I can play regular cod mobile with no issues yet can't even play this on low settings. F2P? Only if you have a $1000 device

  7. 5:05:53 behold Ladies and Gentlemen to the most wildly unexpected bug to happen in Warzone Mobile to Wynnsanity ! ! ! 🤣☠️

  8. They should've had Arena breakout build the game with whatever they used.

  9. game seems cool, but i love so much fast peeking.. seems like this game doesnt have it🫣

  10. Thes mf removed high end option from my phone and now somehow graphics are more bad

  11. Do again in bgmi please 😢 I don't have anything 😢😢😢😢😢
    I subscrib your channelpleas

  12. How do you activate that yellow thingy when enemy is spotting you

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