🦉OWL OTK...The "New" Druid Deck You Will HATE! - thinkfaststudio.com

🦉OWL OTK…The “New” Druid Deck You Will HATE!

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Welcome to one of Hearthstone’s best off-meta deck channels. Today’s video is Spell Power Druid Gameplay (HS Gameplay). I play Standard Hearthstone format and my goal is to teach anyone watching how to climb to legend with my Hearthstone tips & guides!
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Owl Druid | Standard Hearthstone | Whizbang’s Workshop


  1. I re-edited/uploaded this video. This was the last video I made while traveling to NH last week, so there shouldn't be any more problems with future uploads!I had quite a few issues with videos this past week, trying to replicate my home workstation into a traveling stream/edit set-up was much harder than expected.

  2. If i had a dollar for all the decks in hearthstone that involve an owl otk I'd have 2 dollars

  3. this is by far the worst version of the otk druid.

  4. I will not hate this deck. Deleted my account. This game is doomed.

  5. Hey, I logged onto twitter to discuss your hero power druid deck, but I forgot that it has a word limit, lol. I've been working on hero power druid during the past few days, and then I saw your deck. I actually have so many of the same cards as your deck, but I'm curious why you use the Origami Crane instead of the frog? I wanted to deal with multiple copies of 15/15 minions from warlock, or massive buffed Zilliax, so I found that the Frog fit wonderfully. Thoughts? I got accused of stealing your idea in Clark's stream when I told them about my the frog idea.

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