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🤯 Top 5 Best New Browser MMO Probably | SKYLENT

Skylent Games
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Mad World


Adventure Quest 3D






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  1. Guys, when i searched for AQ3D on browser it gave me the option to chose steam or mobile, but not on browser, did they remove it from the browser or?

  2. AdventureLand has a cool concept, but I'm not completely sure if I'd like it. I know very little about coding.

  3. Adventure quest I guess is not a browser based??

  4. why would i wanta play a game where i have to code everyhting gtfo

  5. lol these are games ahahahaha….lost my time here

  6. how to register on adventure land for free? on the website they do not have register button

  7. ValeRPG – An awesome game!, simple & elegant design, a perfect balance of idle and active gameplay, constantly updating, friendly community, addictive as hell! Highly recommended as this might just be the GEM you’ve never heard of!

    http://www.valerpg.altervista.org/?ref=2966 – Register via this link for your free 1 Million Gold gift 🙂

  8. Arcane Legends is a good game for pvp fights, magic and lots more.

  9. can u make a list of isometric mmorpg brrowser and not tibia based? thanks

  10. Did he yust say at 7:51 that runescape doesnt exist?? haha come wildy 1v1 boiiiiii

  11. Pokemon Rise for the pokemon lovers out there

  12. Does Adventure Land consist of the coding language Python?

  13. anyone remember fantasy online and remnants of skystone? I wish there was a way to keep these old games alive.

  14. يا موكي ماتعمل بطولة فيفا على الplaystation والكسبان يلاعبك ماتش بعد النهائي, وممكن يبقى من الشروط ان يتعمل share play للماتشات وتسجلها تنزل منها مقاطع

  15. as soon as i heard this guy, i'm aware, do not be fooled by the title, the guy is a absolute pretend + shill and things like that

  16. Pokemon games via browser without download, directly play can duel with other players, buy and sell items, Pokemon and bet with other players! http://www.lablurpg.com

  17. Been looking up browser MMOs, this is a great collection!

  18. wtf is there to like that can make me play this pixel shit that u present me as great games i feel click baited fuck this vid

  19. I played dragon fable when I was 13 years old yo

  20. Good job You have inspired me to work on my channel, thanks. 🐼

  21. AQW ?!
    I play it for 7 years and a half😅
    I recommend it

  22. I felt offended when he said that kids are the ones who play adventure quest 3D
    Bruh im 19 and i lile it dont try to make the game look childish
    Everyone can play it not "kids"

  23. Skylent if i tried to play hordes it just gave me a dark blue screen.

  24. i hope i got isekai'ed and being an mc with bunch of heroines

  25. I literally know nothing about code but I'll try randomly putting in stuff to see if it works but cya I'll tell you once I'm back :Edit: Well I'm back… I just found out the game isn't free :Edit 2: Once again I found something out… THIS WAS A YEAR AGO AND ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE NO LONGER BROWSER GAMES!

  26. skylent got to play aq3d with Artix himself!!!

  27. is AQ3D even a browser game anymore, cause it doesnt look like it on my end

  28. Just wondering (secretly, straight in public): You know us poor folk remember, how our life was destroyed, and that hence there MAY be a chance we know how to down spoiled rich brats? Just a thought shared.

  29. Adventure land is kinda like Mystera Legacy

  30. (this is flash games not browser Games wtf

  31. oof the back round music reminds me of a certain add i saw

  32. We will make Mad World that will not regret what you introduced first. Thank you sincerely.
    We plan to conduct an alpha test in February next year. I hope you look forward to it a lot.

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