🔥 How to Play Multiplayer on GTA IV For Free in 2021 ? ✔ [No Product Key Required] | GAMEOLOGIST - thinkfaststudio.com

🔥 How to Play Multiplayer on GTA IV For Free in 2021 ? ✔ [No Product Key Required] | GAMEOLOGIST

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In this video, I am going to show How to Play Online Multiplayer on GTA IV for free. This Method will work on all Repacks. The data usage of this game about 50 MB per hour. So if you are a limited data user. Don’t worry, You can also play this game very well without the bothering about internet data.

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[GTA Connect]
[Zolika Patch + ASI Loader]

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  1. I'm on GTA connected and every time I try to

    join a game It says The Complete edition is not supported. can you help me?

  2. Is it a problem if I have a Gta IV not from Steam or any legal store? (I downloaded the game from Torrent) I have the patch.

  3. virus, my all acounts was steal, and i can't use computer don't dowloan this!

  4. But is it for PC
    I already have gta iv on my pc but I can’t access multiplayer

  5. Will this work without eflc? I don't have eflc and is it compulsory to play at 12.30 am? Can't I play it around 3pm?

  6. Can i play GTA IV online even my GTA IV is cracked and not from steam?

  7. can i join the game straight from singleplayer or not?

  8. Can I access character customisation or something like that??

  9. Pls can u teach us how to play on our friends server or make a private server between two three friends pls pls 🙏😁✌🏻

  10. Hi, do you know if i need hamachi to play with my friend ? I got "Version 43 of GTA4 C.Edition is not currently supported." I have the 1070 version. And i want to play lcpdfr with my friend. Any solution sir ?

  11. HELP IT SAYS (patch 3 for gta 4 is not currently supported)

  12. Bhai discord de or konsa version hai tera kaha se download kiya

  13. hey from where i can download gta 4 please tell 🙏

  14. I can't download the files plz help it says error 🙁

  15. Whenever I tried to do blackscreen = 0
    And save it, it says access denied
    Please help

  16. We only need the normal Gta 4 to play this right? Or we need to download some other gta 4 game

  17. Can anybody say plz how to chat in that

  18. I have to play with my friend so what can i do ?

  19. bro plz tell me how can i play gta 4 online after patch in dedicated card not in integrated graphic card coz it always start in integrated graphics in gta connected only. If i play gta 4 from its directory its simply works with dedicated but in gta connected it start working in integrated bro plz help me in this situation

  20. it is asking for the password. what should i type?

  21. when i go to "character model" it loads infinitivly (sorry if i wrote it wrong im not so good at english) how i can fix it?

  22. Rip the complete edition version people:(((I mean me

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