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🔊 How to Record Audio on PC

Kevin Stratvert
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In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to record audio, sound, or music playing on your PC. Maybe you’re in a Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet meeting, and you want to record the audio. Maybe you want to record the music playing in the background. We’ll look at three different techniques for recording audio.

👋 Additional resources
– How to use Audacity to Record & Edit Audio:
– Get Audacity:
– VB Virtual Audio Cable:

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:29 Windows Stereo Mix
3:11 Audacity free audio editing app
5:11 Virtual audio cable
6:27 Wrap up

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  1. To find Stereo mix on Windows 10 go to settings – sound – manage sound devices – then under input devices click enable stereo mix

  2. thank you for the awesome video this is exactly what i needed.

  3. not sure why but the audacity one doesnt work for me, it gives me error -9996 instead

  4. Thanks, Kevin!! You have solved a long-standing problem for me!!

  5. Stereo mix on Windows 10 is different, here's how:
    settings sound manage sound devices
    Under input devices, Stereo Mix is disabled by default. Click it (Stereo Mix) and you should see an Enable button

  6. Hi just wanted to ask you whether we can use this voice on our youtube videos without any problems as far as monetization is concerned

  7. Thank you for an amazing video!! Is there a way to record both (1) speaker output + (2) my mic output. Imagine recording a karaoke.

  8. Lifesaver!!! Amazing. First option worked. Didn't have "voice recorder" application but I do have "audacity". Put headphones on and voila! Magnificent! Thank you!

  9. I have been trying to record music from yu tube videos eg Marty Robbins in Audacity but every time I try it makes weird sounds over the top of the song. It makes me think that there is a copy right add on so people cant record the music, and reproduce it.
    I have tried different settings in Audacity but it makes no difference. Is it possible for you to try it and see how you get on.
    Cheers Robert Aust'

  10. ฟังธรรมะวัดป่า says:

    Kevin, you are the best!!!

  11. Thank you so much for these tips, I used the last option and it worked flawlessly.

  12. Thanks mate. Unbelievable that Microsoft believe disallowing it, is a better option than allowing it if it's causing issues..

  13. Subbed..This was a Godsend. I have spent a little over a month trying to figure out the easiest way to do this. Thank you so much

  14. Subscribed. This video was so useful thanks so much man. Ur amazing ❤



  17. i set audacity on stereo mix and and played something on yt, it didn't record the audio lol, i guess i have to download it?

  18. thanks for sharing this, i just got a dell computer after being a mac and it has been terrible trying to record media. not to hate, but windows is like a 1990 computer compared to mac when it comes to video editing. things that are really simple on a mac are 10 times harder on a windows computer. i just dont understand why the developers or microsoft have such a hard time putting their heads together to make simple video and sound editing software. all the pre-installed software on windows is atrocious. i have to do an additional 30 steps for what mac requires 2 steps for to do the same things

  19. Thanks for another great video. I have tried the first to methods. Works very well. But the volume of the sound is much lower than what I am hearing while recording the sound.
    I have set the stereo mix volume to 100%

  20. Can you define "main screen"? Where is it found? Is it under settings or somewhere else?

  21. Hi Kevin. This was a very interesting and well presented video. Let me subscribe to your channel first…. done! And I also hit the "like" button. OK, now I don't feel so guilty asking you to help me solve a specific recording situation.
    I'm, back to practicing trumpet again (after almost 60 years!) and would like to record my practice sessions on my PC, hopefully not having to buy any expensive special external microphones. I feel like it should be able to be done using the internal mic on the PC. I've got a Dell All-in-One, about 4 years old. Windows 10. When you have a chance, please let me know how I can record portions of my trumpet practice and then play back the sound through my PC's (Altec) speakers.

  22. Actually, it would have been better if you added a microphone recording in section 3. But I found this tutorial helpful

  23. Where do you extract the files of the virtual audio cable? Mine doesn't show up on the Sounds menu after I download and extract it.

  24. So, are all of these in real time? If I wanted to download an MP3 of an audiobook, which is a windows listen only option online, then I'd have to let it convert/record for the 10 hours the audio book takes? I'm trying to download into an MP3 because I can't sit in front of a computer for 10 hours to listen to the book. Thanks in advance.

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