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【Minecraft】 I Like the Part Where I WAH and WAH All Over the Place

Ninomae Ina’nis Ch. hololive-EN
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  1. Whether you get it done on time for your BD or it’s a little later I hope your 3D live dreams come true! And can’t wait to see whatever you build on the new Minecraft server once you have time to take a breather! Good luck Ina!

  2. What happened? How can I miss this. Damn you Youtube for only notify me after the stream already over!

  3. Tako in Ninja Mode
    50:29 Ina observes the Witchgaki
    55:12 Ina observes the NinNin
    58:16 Ina observes the Witchgaki Part 2
    1:15:05 Ina Can't Communicate

    Thank you so much for this comfy stream, Ina! 😀

  4. Ina: 22:32
    Also Ina: 1:12:51

    excellent self-jinx once again
    jokes aside, she's come a long way in holding conversations with others, can't be helped if your brain goes blank once in a while

  5. She wants to build a house!!!
    Yes, InaCarft is back, her minEcraft and drawing streamS are my fave, so cozy and relaxing to watch while laying in bed at night.

  6. I cant believe this stream is coming out from nowhere.watching Ina is back playing minecraft again is such a blessing. Its been a 'decade' seeing EN member play minecraft. 💜

  7. I love the part where Ina said "It's wahing time"

  8. Wakes up and realized Ina streamed whilst I slept. EU bros is this how it feels?

  9. I missed the live, but this is the perfect length to enjoy while I work out

  10. When i was a kid i had an interview at a print company, he saw that i had a lot of experience with computers and asked me "what do you do with computers?" and my dumb ass decided to reply "I play a lot of video games ha ha", i've never seen someone look so unamused in my life, my heart instantly sank then he said "what ELSE do you do with computers?".
    I was making a joke but i had a reason to say it, being on a computer a lot to play games also lead me to using Photoshop, making websites for friends, a little bit of 2D animation and 3D modelling, a hell of a lot of troubleshooting and networking, but i don't think i recovered after that, then i was introduced to the graphic designer who was using a Mac so i was screwed.
    Bonus fail, some place where for some reason all the employees were girls, the guy doing my interview walked me through the office and pointed out that it was all girls who were all staring at me and i said something like "that'll be a new challenge" and frigging waved at them like i'm some badass dude. He said he'd call even if i didn't get in but he didn't.

  11. Thank you for the fun and comfy tour stream Ina 💜💜💜Take care 💜

  12. I had to do a double take to check if this wasn't a past stream, what a nice Minecraft stream surprise !

  13. Missed another Ina stream… Oh well, at least it's a nice VoD to wake up to ^^

  14. Short but fun stream! And many JP sightings too!
    Good luck with all your work Ina, it's deinfitely some busy times. But so excited for the 3d live! I know you talked about wanting to do one before, so really cool that you're finally able to do something like this!

  15. japan is getting spring, and we have to still deal with snow here in the harsh north, sad fozen tako :<

  16. The time she's doing a really EU friendly stream is the time I decided to take a nap Am a VOD-Tako then

  17. Quotes of the Stream:

    “We can’t be lost if you don’t have a destination.”

    “If I don’t go anywhere, I won’t end up anywhere. But if I go somewhere, I’ll end up somewhere."

  18. イナちゃん可愛いぜ!

  19. "If I don't go anywhere, I won't end up anywhere. But if I go somewhere, I'll end up somewhere."
    – Ninomae Ina'nis, Squid Priestess of Hololive EN

  20. Ina minecraft is so comfy and nostalgic! I hope we get some good mining streams in the future, it’s nice to just mindlessly click away at blocks and chat. I also love that you have adapted to the way of the mini-zatsudan at the start of each stream, there are so many great stories!

  21. 配信楽しかったです!

  22. Moona was the first generation NPC for minecraft
    Kaela was the second generation and now

    Ina-Bocchi is the third generation NPC

  23. It's nice to finally get a look at the new Minecraft server It already looks so impressive, I hope you are able to find a good place to set up your new house!

  24. 1:15:57
    sakamata : she's just standing there menacingly?!
    ina: internal panic and dread

  25. The planning has started for the new server, glad to see Ina take a peek at what the server had available. We did learn that thinking on the spot can be rough lol.

    We do understand that everyone is quite busy recently and am looking forward for the fes with excitement.

  26. Ina in JP server was like Bocchi Thank you for stream in busy!

    16:48 honest tako at a cafe interview
    1:13:09 Bocchi the Tako!

  27. Why did receive the notification 21 hours late?

  28. About the requestable items: Someone should ask for a stack of dragon eggs.

  29. Thank you very much for this comfy Minecraft stream, Ina-chan. I've never really saw your Bocchi side, but that only made you even more cute.
    We'll root you for the 4th Holofes, that is the next week. And after this, more Minecraft streams. See you soon, our cute Tako Priestess.
    WAH! 💜

  30. Cute panik Ina. It's alright Inya your communication skills aren't that bad!

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