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⬇️ How to Download YouTube Video

Kevin Stratvert
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In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to Download YouTube videos on your laptop, PC, iPhone or Android phone. This is completely legal and officially offered by YouTube and it’s by far the easiest way to download videos, but it does cost some money. We check out what you get with a Premium membership to see if it’s even worthwhile and how you can use it to download videos and music.

– YouTube Premium:
– YouTube Music:

0:00 Introduction
0:50 What you get with YouTube Premium
3:21 YouTube Premium plans
4:33 Try it free
5:14 Manage membership
5:45 Download YouTube video on Laptop or PC
7:08 Download YouTube video on phone
7:54 Download YouTube music
8:26 Wrap up

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  1. So we can't ACUALLY download onto my hard drive? It says Download but it is still "Go to You Tube" to watch it? That's not a download in my view

  2. wanna know a free alternative just use screen record and record the youtube video. u have to watch the whole video.

  3. "YT premium" is a Trojan Horse that is directed aginst the users , it has DRM ( = Digital Restrictions Management) & you can not transfer the video to ANY device/(software-) player & the download literally becomes useless after a few days & it´s also nothing for too poor people like me (it´s worse enough that Germans have to pay nearly 20 EUR per mounth of GEZ protection money to forced finance the German propaganda state-TV (ARD, ZDF etc. etc.) without any benefit to the people since years (especially seen since 2020 C19 & Ukraine proxy-war phase-2 in 2022) ) … use the "NewPipe" instead which not even requires a YT account & instantly works without any disadvantages & is in any way superior to the official YT program (the name of YT is automatically censored in the comments = only the lie needs censorship)

  4. This doesn’t download to your device, it’s in your account.

  5. What I didn't see was how to download a video to your own computer. I have Premium. How do I download and save a video to my personal computer?

  6. Misleading title. Was that on purpose?

  7. I wish you could see the dislikes…This is just a video selling you YouTube Premium.

  8. but how do i download a movie to my laptop?

  9. My download video, I do not get when I download my videos to go to some Kind of YT Bucket and I can not Download my videos through my Paid Subscription to my Desktop Computer??? What's Up with That…
    I totally feel the Same way… I have paid for this service and Have nothing to show for it…

    All my songs I paid for are Gone!!!! I am not talking about the right to use while Paying for my Subscription, That is Not What I am Talking about… I am screwed, if I don't keep up my Subscription!!!!!!

    I am understand you are Kevin, just a Marketing Ploy, I get that…

  10. Interesting but it seems that in truth I haven't really downloaded the videos as I have to !. maintain my account to access the "downloaded" material and 2. it doesn't seem that I can move files to a different device.3. thus I don't own downloaded material and I can access them only at the whim of Google I have to access the internet at least every 30 days. I have some computers that I don't always use that often. May be worth a try but not a slam dunk.

  11. Will I be able to reuse downloaded videos?

  12. Can I have it to my gallery to download Exapme I recorded a video in my PC ans I'm posting can I like download that video in my phone and have in my gallery??

  13. Hi Kevin Can I save the downloaded video to my pc? thanaks

  14. The downloaded videos only go into the download menu of you tube? They don't actually download to your pc?

  15. YouTube premium is not available in Pakistan.

  16. Yes its well worth getting, really enjoy music and art,

  17. This is just an ad, I want to download videos for free. This is bullshit.

  18. This is not downloading. Misleading video.

  19. I'm gonna show you a way to listen to music: get Spotify!
    Well, if we wanted ANOTHER monthly prescription, we wouldn't be searching how to do things on YouTube. There are dozens of ways to download YT videos, for example RealPlayer has a download function built in, but you conveniently mention we could PAY for things that are available free. Seems you're looking out for yourself here.

  20. How is this a download? Can i take the downloaded video, place it in a file on my computer and splice and edit the video?

  21. 10 minutes of random talking convincing me to subscribe to YT premium (which I have already done) but doesn't say how to download a video – yes, download for offline playing from the mobile app or browser, but how to get a mp4, of .avi out of it.

  22. Did I miss how to download to your computer? I see how to download the videos, but how are they downloaded to my computer files? They seem to only be stored on YouTube?! Thanks!

  23. L video. Dont buy premium you wont be able to download anything to your computer. it only downloads the videos in youtube which means you can watch the videos you download offline as well but thats all. you dont get it downloaded as a file to the computer which makes the whole thing pointless.

  24. please make next time 50000 hours length! Thanks

  25. I have YouTube Premium but I don't have that Download option between the Like and Dislike button and the Share button like you show on your video. Why not? Should I contact YouTube? How do I contact YouTube? Good Channel btw.

  26. I'd rather download it illegally It's just not a fair service

  27. This is not downloading, this is making it available for offline use – downloading means making it available for local storage.

  28. Imagen having 6500 Likes but over 53.000 Dis likes

  29. so how the hell do you access the downloaded video following download, when you don't have Wi-Fi access? Where in the computer/laptop does it get stored? You did not address that. Unable to open YouTube without Wi-Fi. Is there a YouTube app that needs to be downloaded to the computer, similar to Spotify?

  30. what a hack. 8 minutes of his video is a paid ad for YouTube Premium

  31. Just to let everyone know the dislikes are 55k to 6k likes .

  32. Is it possible to use YouTube to download mp4 of videos?

  33. 📺 This video covers how to use YouTube Premium to download videos, the only legal way to download a YouTube video, although it comes with a monthly cost. Jump ahead to 5:45 for steps on how to Download YouTube video on Laptop or PC, and 7:08 for how to Download YouTube video on phone.
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