ThinkFast Studio is a Dutch game development studio that strives to combine the arcade gaming experience with current-day game technologies.


The idea of ThinkFast Studio started as a hobby of the founders, Stefan Dinkelberg and Djordy Donopawiro. They created a minimalistic mobile platformer game called Cublast. While developing this game, they received a ton of positive feedback from their players, which led them to submit Cublast for the Windows Game Developer Contest of 2015. To their biggest surprise, they achieved the second place in the contest which earned them the motivation to start their own company, ThinkFast Studio.

While building the company, the team wanted more than just mobile games. This is when they decided to go back to their gaming roots and started creating PC and Console games. With this goal in mind, the company took in a second developer, Stefan van Diemen de Jel, who has now replaced Djordy as a company owner.

The Team

The ThinkFast team is hardworking, passionate and devoted to creating awesome stuff. For more information about the members, hover over their pictures.

  • Co-Founder, Lead Developer

    "A technology enthusiast who loves creating or fixing anything computer related. Especially when he is creating his own digital universe"

    - Stefan Dinkelberg

  • Co-Owner, Developer

    "Being in a relaxed state of mind is his top priority. Besides that, he likes to challenge himself and other people on about everything. He also has an urge to teach himself new things, especially about programming."

    - Stefan van Diemen de Jel

Our Games

ThinkFast Studio is proud to present their creations, Cublast Mobile and Cublast HD.
Of course these will not be the only projects they will release so be on the look out for future projects.

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